2002 Classified
Excellence Breakfast


The UW-L campus gathered in
Valhalla Hall to celebrate the many
contributions of classified staff on
Tuesday, October 29, 2002.
Classified staff members who
reached five-year milestones were
recognized by Chancellor Douglas Hastad.


5 & 10 Year Award Recipients
L to R top: Terrence Stika, Kathleen Pantzer, Karen Hansen, Laurie Collison.
L to R bottom: Allen Torstveit, Pamela Jensen, Charise Bock, Carolyn Beard.



15 & 20 Year Award Recipients
L to R top: Madreanne Woolley, Michael Horsfall. L to R bottom: Kathy Hanratty, Mindy Gust, Michelle Abing.



25 Year Award Recipients
L to R top: Sylvia Wood, Kathryn Thomas, Janice Ruesch.
L to R bottom: Susan Nickel, Ginger Jentz, Laurayne Duerkop, John Bender.



30 Year Award Recipients
L to R top: David Wolf, Warren Witzman, Ruth Vanderploeg,
Barbara Stetzer, Michael Phillips, Colleen Kennedy, Chancellor Doug Hastad.
L to R bottom: Jerry Hartung, Virginia Fisher, Paul Currier,
Jerolyn Chadwick, Kathi Beane, Mary Baldwin.



35 Year Award Recipients
L to R: Marilyn Kendhammer, Chancellor Doug Hastad,
Donna Fiscus, Donna Finn



40 Year Award Recipient
Special congratulations to recent retiree, Lynn Ceason,
for 40 years of public state service. Lynn is pictured with
the members of the Classified Excellence committee and the Chancellor.
L to R: Diana Johnson, Lynn Ceason, Joseph Bolwahn,
Chancellor Doug Hastad, Carol Stoelting.




Thanks to ALL classified staff members!


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