In the wee hours of morning, UW-L classified employees gathered in Valhalla Hall on September 27th

to celebrate the many contributions of our classified staff.
Classified staff members who reached five-year milestones

were recognized by Chancellor Joe Gow.




This year's recipients are:

5 Year Recipients

Front Row:  Richard Moilien, Karyn Cecele

Back Row:   Mike Lydon, Matthew Hotlen, Susan Hengel

Not pictured:  Sara Olson, Mai Xiong




10 Year Recipients

Front Row:   Sue Lee, Cheryl Rice, Linda Ghelf

Back Row:  Patricia Lesky, Rita Kirchoff, Richard Heath

Not pictured:  Ann Babich, Edith Melde, Chao Vang, Lee Yang


15 Year Recipients

Ron Button, Mary Johnson, Robert Meyer, Randall Page

Not pictured:  Kathy Olson


20 Year Recipients

Becky Yoshizumi, Charlene Sauer, Ingrid Iverson, Linda Phillips, Gloria Wiener

Not pictured:  Mary Borland, Jean Lindberg


25 Year Recipients

Steve McCabe, Jean Bonde, Randy Otto

Not pictured:  James Aalseth, William Olson


30 Year Recipients

Cheryl Groth, Cindy Curran, Susan Grebel, Phil Quackenbush

Not pictured: Patti Parker, Shirley Shufelt


35 Year Recipients


Chuck Forer and Linda Sondreal



Some other photos from the breakfast.









Many thanks to ALL classified staff members!