In the wee hours the morning of September 24th, UW-L classified employees gathered

in Valhalla to celebrate the many contributions of our classified staff.
Classified staff members who reached five-year milestones were recognized by Chancellor Joe Gow.




This year's recipients:

5 Years


Front Row:  Cheryl Brye (SAH), Paula Knutson (Financial Aid), Suzanne Koehler (Continuing Education)

Back Row:   Chastity Mashak (Student Health Center), Cedric Steine (Human Resources), Russ Stockel (Custodial), Kim Tiber (Landscape Services)

Not pictured:  Linda Chitwood (Residence Life), Davie Follendorf (Custodial), Noel Fredrickson (Information Technology),

Richard Koblitz (Custodial), Terry Langteau (School of Education & Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies), Dirck Nagy (Murphy Library), Brian Oyen (Protective Services), Claus Ryder (Custodial)




10 Years


Front Row:  Thong Lee (Custodial), Tim Miller (Custodial), Mike Sather (Maintenance Svc)

Back Row:  Heath Ahnen (Information Technology), Lori Hanson (Chemistry), Kris Kouba (Mail Room)

Not pictured:  David Pehl (University Police), Lonnie Rychecky (Power Plant), Dwayne Webb (Murphy Library)


15 Years


Front Row:  Pam Woods (Student Health Center), Shirley Pettygrove (Budget & Finance), DeAnne Otto (Budget & Finance)

Back Row:  Karen Ott (Geography/Earth Science), Rob Hamman (Custodial), Greg McCabe (Residence Life)

Not pictured:  Duane Bell (Residence Life), Sharon Gray (Custodial), Duane Stalsberg (Power Plant)


20 & 25 Years


Front Row:  Laurel Devitt (20) (College of Liberal Studies), Dave Anderson (25) (Custodial), Greg Devine (25) (Campus Stores)

Back Row:  Kathy Ring (25) (Human Resources), Bob Wilson (25) (Custodial), Deb Peterson (25) (Records & Registrations)

Not pictured 20 year:  Sam Arentz (Custodial), John Elmer (IT-Training & Support), Dave Langteau (University Centers), Jeff Schmitz (Custodial), Maureen Spencer (Small Business Development Center)

Not pictured 25 year: Brian Bissen (Custodial), Pete Thompson (Custodial), Robert Meyer (Maintenance Services)


30 Years


Front Row: Dan Abts (IT-Networking Services), Karry Auby (Mathematics), Ron Burr (Custodial)

Back Row:  Ginny Kreyer (Murphy Library), Karen Lange (Murphy Library), Pam Erickson (Counseling & Testing), Diane Dobbs (Human Resources)

Not pictured: Ron Parker (Protective Services)


35 & 40 Years


Donald Anderson (35 - Custodial), Bonnie Daines (35 - Murphy Library), Ellen Parker (35 - Murphy Library), and Susan Townsend (40-Residence Life)



Chancellor Joe Gow and Susan Townsend



More pictures from the breakfast.

A special thanks to Larry Sleznikow for taking the pictures.


Joy  Gutknecht and Deb Hanson welcome Classified Staff as they arrive.


The awards



      The food



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Many thanks to ALL classified staff members!

Thanks again to Larry Sleznikow for taking pictures.