Direct Deposit Form

With the new HRS payroll system, the UW System has created a new direct deposit form with the option to have your earnings distributed to more than one account.

If you choose to direct deposit into two or more accounts, you must designate one account as your primary and the others as a second and third account.  The second and third accounts will require either a fixed amount or a percentage of net pay.  Your pay will be split into the multiple accounts with the fixed and/or percentage amount deposited first and all remaining pay deposited to the primary account.  

Employees are encouraged to read the instructions carefully on the back of the new form and fill out the form completely.  Even if you are updating only one of your direct deposit accounts, we ask that you fill in the information about all of your direct deposit accounts on the form to ensure accuracy.

Employees who had a credit union deduction with our previous payroll system will now be using the secondary account option with a fixed amount going to their credit union.

Note: With HRS, employees will have additional amounts distributed to their second and third account from every paycheck, including summer paychecks and secondary checks for those employees who are paid on more than one pay basis (classified, annual, academic, etc).  In this case, we recommend the use of the percentage of net pay feature.  For more information, contact HR at 58013.

The form can be found at