Frontline Supervisor Newsletters 

Answers to common questions supervisors have related to their employees and making EAP referrals. As always, if you have specific questions about referring an employee or managing a workgroup issue, feel free to make a confidential call to EAP for a management consultation at 608-775-4780 or 800-327-9991.


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November 2010

eating disorder; employee using EAP to voice complaint; mgr sexual harassment


October 2010

what to expect when using eap; supervising former peers; employee with high injury rate


September 2010

goals of eap; employee with bad attitude; budget cuts and low morale


August 2010

discouraging employee use of eap; make referrals before disciplinary action; restraining orders


July 2010

temperamental manager with emotional outbursts; admitting fault; worrying too much


MAY 2010

employee request for extended leave; lay offs; angry response to suggestion of using EAP


APRIL 2010

promoting EAP; referring to EAP again after 3 years; smell of alcohol


MARCH 2010

workplace violence; EAP appointments during work time; refusal to work


February 2010

avoid referring for personal problems, EAP recommendations for absent without approval


January 2010

performance evaluations, sleep disorder causing performance issues, mandatory EAP


November 2009

inappropriate company charges, high turnover, medical issues


October 2009 

employee death, earning respect, written reprimands


September 2009

personal problems, childcare problems, EAP workplace neutral


August 2009

disrespectful employee, absentee problems, consulting with EAP


July 2009

addiction to internet, waiting too long to use EAP, religion and EAP


June 2009

wage garnishment, passive compliant employee, performance issues


May 2009

sexual harassment, release of information, co-worker conflict