Jury Duty


The University of Wisconsin−La Crosse realizes that it is the obligation of all U.S. citizens to serve on a jury when summoned to do so. All employees will be allowed time off to perform such civic service as required by law. Employees are expected, however, to provide the UW−L with proper notice of the jury summons and with verification of service.  Employees are also expected to keep management informed of the expected length of the jury duty service and to report to work when not impaneled or on days where the employee is impaneled but dismissed early. 


Classified employees should consult the applicable bargaining unit agreement or compensation plan for specific information regarding jury duty.  Additionally a second or third shift classified employee should consult with Human Resources for additional information prior to being impaneled.


Limited Term Employees (LTE) may serve on jury duty but will not be compensated by UW-L during jury duty service.