Classified Employee Reclassification


The classification of a position is determined by the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position.



Reclassification is the assignment of a filled position to another classification based on both a “gradual” and “logical” change in the duties or responsibilities of a position. 


The criteria for gradual and logical change are:

Gradual Change: These are changes that are normally the result of the assignment of additional duties or responsibilities, which occur gradually over a period of at least six months.  However, changes which occur abruptly, such as a reorganization, changes in equipment used to perform the work, assignment of duties from a vacant or abolished position, are not considered gradual.

Logical Change: These are changes that are reasonably related to and a natural outgrowth of the position’s previous duties or responsibilities.  Changes of more than 50% in a position are not considered a logical change, but constitute the creation of a new position.

The justification of reclassification is normally based upon the following three evaluation criteria:

  1.  Sufficient “job change” has occurred involving the assignment of higher-level duties and responsibilities.
  2.  The classification specification for a higher-level classification more appropriately identifies the major functions of the position.
  3.  The position “compares” more favorably to other positions classified at a higher level.

The decision regarding a reclassification involves relating the major emphasis, or majority of duties, to the appropriate classification.  Many positions perform duties that relate to more than one classification however, a position’s classification must reflect the majority (51%) of duties of the position.

General classification factors include:  

Accountability/Responsibility – Relates to the latitude to select alternatives and assign work or priorities, and finality of the decisions made.  The discretion exercised is measured by evaluating the extent to which the work is structured or defined at the assignment stage and the nature of the review received both during and after completion of the work. 


Specific considerations are:

  • The organizational level of the position;
  • The nature and type of supervision received;
  • The availability of other non-subordinate staff whose authority it is to make the most difficult and unprecedented program or technical decisions or interpretations;
  • The degree of impact decisions and work efforts have on end results; and
  • The consequence of error.

Complexity/Scope – Considers the nature, number, variety and intricacy of tasks, steps, processes, or methods in the work performed; the degree to which actions to be taken are pre-established or standardized; the number and variety of tasks needed to accomplish each goal; and the effect of the work product or service both within and outside the organization.

Knowledge – The breadth and depth of the knowledge and skills required to perform the work.


If you and/or your supervisor feel that your position duties and responsibilities have significantly changed, a request to review the position can be made by completing a Reclassification Request Form (PDF) (*print on light green paper*) and an updated position description (DOC), which would accurately reflect the position’s current duties and responsibilities. It is helpful to attach a longer justification outlining job changes and higher level work. Human Resources staff will generally conduct an on-the-job audit of the position and will interview the incumbent and the supervisor to obtain a complete picture of the position.

If you have questions about actual or potential job changes and whether they may or may not relate to a reclassification, contact Human Resources.

If the reclassification is approved, the employee’s salary will be increased in accordance with the compensation provisions covering their new classification.  The salary increase would take effect the first of the pay period following receipt of the updated position description and Reclassification Request Form by the Office of Human Resources.


If the reclassification is denied, the employee can appeal the decision within 30 days to UW-System Human Resources.