Classified (Civil Service) Employment
with the State of Wisconsin

Classified positions offer public service employment with the State of Wisconsin.   Examples at UW-La Crosse include: professional administrative, clerical, blue collar, trades, information processing, technical positions and administrative support. Most require a civil service examination to determine eligibility.  Explore the WiscJobs website to learn what a classified career with the State of Wisconsin offers!

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Available Classified Staff Positions at UW-La Crosse
Recruitment(s) Open to the Public
         No opportunities available at this time.  Please check back.

Internal Recruitment Opportunities
 (open to current and former classified permanent Wisconsin State employees)
Temporary Employment at UW-La Crosse
Positions vary but are primarily clerical/office support or custodial in nature.

Temporary custodial positions at UW-La Crosse are filled through Remedy Intelligent Staffing at 1288 Rudy Street, Suite 110, Onalaska, WI - 608-783-1652.

Temporary office support positions at UW-La Crosse are filled through Olsten at 1202 State Street, Suite B, La Crosse, WI - 608-782-1100.


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