Hiring Retired Faculty


Departments that need to hire instructors to teach one or more courses may consider hiring retired former members of their department, consistent with WRS, UWS and UW-L policies (UW-L policy available in the Employee Handbook at the HR homepage or in your college and department offices).


Such faculty members who are interested in serving the University and its students MAY BE afforded opportunities to serve as part-time instructors under the following guidelines:

  • If the employee retired prior to 7/2/2013: WRS participants must have a 30-calendar day break in employment prior to beginning their post-retirement employment.
  • If the employee retires on or after 7/2/2013: WRS participants must have a 75-calendar day break in service before beginning their post-retirement employment. (per 2013 Wisconsin Act 20)
  • No post-retirement agreements can be in effect at time of retirement.
  • Appointments will be academic staff appointments, at no more than .50 FTE.
  • Appointments may be made for one, two, or three years, and may be renewable.
  • Salary will be set no higher than 40% of the final academic year salary for the equivalent of a .50 FTE appointment.
  • Appointments will be made only upon the recommendation of the department and the dean, and the approval of the Chancellor.


Provided these requirements are met, departments may hire retired faculty as instructional academic staff without conducting a regular or pool search, simply by processing the Personnel Transactions Form.