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  • Unclassified payroll

    Unclassified staff are academic personnel engaged in teaching, university administration, and/or professional services related to instruction and research. Unclassified staff include faculty, academic staff, limited appointments and graduate assistants. All unclassified staff are paid a monthly salary on the first of the month.

    Unclassified payroll resources

    Payroll calendars

    Overload and lump sum payments

    Employee self service (ESS) for leave report entry

    Annual paid leave summary (.pdf)

    Annual W-2 tax statements 

    International employee tax withholding

    Payroll deductions

    For unclassified employees, all benefit premiums are deducted 12 times per year

    Those paid on an annual (12 month) basis will pay one premium per month out of the monthly paycheck.

    Those paid on an academic year (9 month) calendar basis will pay one premium per month during the academic year and will prepay the premiums for coverage during the summer:

    • Each benefit will have a prepay premium taken on the April 1, May 1, and June 1 pay dates
    • Parking fees, Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA), Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA), and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC) will not be included in prepaid deductions

    There are two deductions taken only once per year:

    Leave reporting

    Unclassified employees who are eligible for leave are responsible for reporting leave usage on a monthly basis.  Leave reports should be printed by each employee on a monthly basis from the My UW System portal to report their leave usage during the previous monthly pay period.  Leave reports are required even when no leave was used during the pay period.  For more helpful information about reporting leave, refer to this UW System resource.

    Blank leave report (use only if your customized monthly report is unavailable on My UW System)

    Summer leave report for 9-month employees (.pdf)

    Payroll forms

    Please use the payroll calendar above to find monthly due dates for payroll forms.

    Direct deposit form (.pdf)

    W-4 tax withholding form (.pdf) (Note: only page 5 of the 6 page document needs to be completed for tax withholding changes)

    Vacation carryover form (.pdf)

    Who to contact

    Megan Stauffacher is your contact for overloads and lump sum payments, tax withholding, and general payroll concerns

    Cedric Steine is your contact for unclassified leave reporting

    Deanna Kabliska is your contact for reporting leaves of absence