International Food Tasting Fall 2012



Failing to complete an activity a student signed up for will automatically cancel the point(s).

  •  If the activity is part of an event, failing to perform the activity will automatically cancel any point earned from other activities during the same event.

  •  Point cancellation will be avoided only if the organizer is contacted 7 days prior to the task regarding any schedule conflict via email or phone call.

  • Each task has additional specific rules and tasks that must be followed.

  • Tracking: Each supervisor has a tracking sheets for you - please sign in when you come and sign out when you leave.

  • No point will be awarded if a rule is violated                              (the task/performance is considered incomplete).

  • No point will be awarded if students come 15 minutes late or more after the scheduled time.



    Global Link Opportunities

  • Cooking – 2 points

  • Dishwashing – 1 point

  • Publicity – 1 point

  • Decoration– 1 point

  •  Food serving+ Food running  – 2 point

  • Usher– 1 point

  • Cleaning – 1 point

  • Presentation – 1 point

  • Stage Activity – no point