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  • Distance education & video conferencing

    Distance Education at UW-La Crosse

    UW-La Crosse enhances distance learning with a robust video conferencing infrastructure. The ITS Department provides support for nearly every synchronous video communication tool. The customers served include students, staff and faculty. Please contact the Eagle Help Desk with any questions.

    Classroom Video Conferencing

    There are six spaces on campus designed for the optimal video conferencing experience. These includes the Wing 31, 102 and 104 classrooms, 1404 Centennial and two unique and versatile spaces in Murphy – rooms 150 and 273. All spaces feature multiple cameras, multiple displays for both “people” and “content” as well as student microphones. The Collaborative Language Program uses these spaces to share exotic languages amongst the UW System. The rooms are scheduled by faculty and staff to record student presentations, collaborate with other students and classes around the world as well as to bring in special guest speakers to their classes using video conferencing.

    Schedule a video conferencing room.

    Desktop Video Conferencing

    While UW-La Crosse offers limited support of Skype, ooVoo, FaceTime, etc., it's encouraged for our university population to use Cisco Jabber – our standards-based video conferencing solution.  All UWL faculty, staff and students have access to this exciting communications tool. Virtual meetings rooms, recording capability as well as document sharing are some of the possibilities using desktop videoconferencing.

    You can learn more about Cisco Jabber by contacting the Eagle Help Desk.

    Virtual Meeting Rooms

    Many UW-La Crosse faculty and staff own virtual meeting rooms. Using Cisco Jabber or any standards-based video conferencing solution a meeting room allows those who have the “number” to dial in and be part of the conversation! Virtual meeting rooms are popular for online office hours, student discussions, departmental meetings, etc.

    Recording Alias

    Video conferencing for recording purposes is a reality at UW-La Crosse. By request you can receive a recording “alias” or number that will allow you to connect with the recording server. This provides the ability to record your video conferences. It also allows you to use Jabber and connect your laptop or desktop computer to the server to create recordings. Once the recording is complete and Jabber disconnects an email is sent to the owner so the file can be downloaded. Used in conjunction with a MyMedia account this is a method to “flip the classroom!”