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  • Faculty and staff technology guide

    Antivirus software

    Classroom help

    Computer classrooms & labs (information and reserving)

    Copyright guidelines

    ITS has been conducting an analysis and audit of how we can provide instructional materials for the classroom experience, while at the same time following the intent of U.S. Copyright Laws and Guidelines. We have been working with UW System Legal Counsel, analyzing Copyright Law and its provisions, referring to the American Library Association (ALA), and reviewing other academic copyright resources to provide accurate information to the campus. Specifically we are attempting to provide more precise guidance in the use of videos and movies in teaching. It is important to understand copyright protections for using video programs in either face-to-face or on-line class situations since there are distinct differences. In addition, there are specific regulations to store your videos on-line or having them streamed. 
    Videos can be played in “face-to-face” educational situations in their entirety, if they are related to the curriculum, when a faculty member is present, and the video was legally purchased or rented. In on-line classes, copyrighted movies cannot be legally digitized and stored on-line for playback in their entirety for viewing without proper licensing. Under the “Fair Use” and current TEACH Act laws, video playback of movies is restricted to only digitizing “reasonable” portions of the program. Permissions to use the entire video program may be obtained by the producer or holder of the copyright, or by paying for specific playback licensing and rights. 
     For more information, please refer to current ITS video playback and digitization guidelines on our web site. We encourage you to work through these copyright issues well before using copyrighted videos for your class since the approval process can take time. ITS can assist you in interpreting copyright guidelines or obtaining permissions from the copyright holder. In addition, you may want to consider utilizing links to the streaming video titles available through Murphy Library databases such as Films on Demand. Additional information on copyright guidelines can be found at American Library Association Video and Copyright web site.

    Desire2Learn (D2L) - Online Learning Environment

    D2L is an online learning environment used in many UWL courses, including face-to-face, hybrid, and online. Please note that you will only have access to D2L if you are enrolled in a course and the instructor has activated the course. Once you are enrolled in a D2L course you can login to your account using your NetID here.

    Email using EagleApps

    Email retention guidelines

    Refer to the University of Wisconsin System Records Schedule, found here.


    Exam scoring

    Faculty portfolios using Digital Measures

    Faculty website

    Help from the Eagle Help Desk

    Individual file storage (U: drive)


    Password reset

    While EagleApps (email) and NetID accounts are different, both passwords can be changed at once by using the password reset utility

    When changing a password, please be sure to follow the Strong Password guidelines listed on that site.

    Purchasing hardware and/or software - department

    Purchasing hardware and/or software - personal

    Remote access

    ITS provides access to the UWL network through a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.  Through VPN faculty, staff, and students can access resources that are not publicly available over the internet (i.e. only available from on campus).

    • Over the internet - Faculty, staff, and students can log in at with their NetID username and password to access campus resources, like network storage.
    • From UWL computers - All campus laptops are deployed with a VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect) that faculty and staff members can use.  Logging into the VPN client allows access to campus resources, like network storage.


    Student ePortfolios using D2L

    Student Academic Web Pages/Projects

    The Student Academic Web Server (SAWS) is a web server hosted at UWL for academic projects and or assignments. If you would like to have your students create a web page, please contact the Eagle Help Desk for details. Account can be created for your students, workshops are offered to teach them how to use Expression Web, and Q & A sessions are offered M-W evenings throughout the semester. The biology department students in Organismal Biology (BIO203) have been creating websites since 2001.

    Surveys using Qualtrics

    Technology events

    Technology instruction, consulting, and customized workshops

    Technology policies


    MyMedia-Video Creation And Sharing

    Virtual desktop


    • Enrolled students can access WINGS (  using their NetID username and password.
    • You will need to access WINGS for many reasons including registering for classes and paying tuition.
    • You can access a mobile version of WINGS on UWL Mobile (

    Wireless Internet on campus

    UWL mobile

    Access UWL Mobile.