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  • Student Academic Web Server (SAWS)

    The Web authoring software supported by UWL is Expression Web 4. This software is a free download from Microsoft and can be downloaded by going to This software is only available for Windows computers, so if you have a Mac, you will need to use our Virtual lab, which may be accessed at

    A template has been created for you to begin your site, choose one of these templates. Once you begin your site, you can choose a new template from the Choosing a Different Dynamic Web Template on this page.

    Here are step by step instructions on how to use Expression Web to create a webpage using Expression Web. There are Q & A sessions offered every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the semester from 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. in 23 Wing. There are a few exceptions, to see open times see the Q & A calendar.

    Beginning your web site

    A template has been created to learn how to use Expression Web. Download the correct template to have a navigation structure all ready in place to create a website for a course. BIO203 should use the following template and all other majors should use this template.

    Choosing a different dynamic web template

    Once you have started your web page, you may select a different template to use for all of your pages. Here are some sample templates that have been created and used in the past. All of these can have colors and styles changed. To preview the template click on the thumbnail image and a larger preview will appear. To download the template, click on the name of the template and click open. Extract the files into your web folder. A .dwt file is created for several majors, make sure to use the one for your major to have the correct navigation structure. You can delete the ones that are not your major.

    There are thousands of templates available on the web and you can also create your own if you know about html coding. One site is found at, but each template requires editing to convert it into a dynamic web template (.dwt).  For assistance, contact Saundra Solum at or 608.785.8799 to set up an appointment.

    ***Click the image to view a larger preview***


    dwt travel portal small 


    dwt sunset sm


    dwt purple sm


    dwt sandstone small


    dwt waterfall sm


    dwt efflorenscence sm


    dwt silver sm


    dwt corporate sm

    Snow Crystals

    dwt snowcrystals sm


    dwt colorvoid sm


    dwt creative sm

    Design 103

    dwt design 103 sm


    dwt coffee n cream sm

    Spider Web

    dwt spider web sm


    dwt natural sm


    dwt blog sm