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  • Plan and grade analysis reports

    Grade Distributions and Plan Reports

    Click here for instructions  on navigating through WINGS to run plan reports and grade distributions for your department. Reports are now emailed to the user's account. 

    What are these reports?

    Plan reports , or  a list of students enrolled in the majors and minors for departments , are a very common data request received by IR and ITS.

    In addition,  grade distribution reports  are used for many important University activities:

    Personnel Review:

    Teaching Assignment Information (TAI) forms are included with the information forwarded for retention and promotion candidates. The TAI forms report the grade distributions for each candidate's courses and the candidate overall - benchmarked to the grade distribution for the department. Reviewers often reflect on the grade distributions in relation to the entire department when appraising a file.

    Other Uses:

    Many chairs find the data important for other purposes, and the uses are encouraged:

    • to provide individual faculty and staff with data specific to their individual courses in comparison to the department results to help facilitate their understanding of the departmental norms;

    • to make new faculty and staff aware of the department's distributions prior to their development of grading criteria for their courses;

    • to monitor trends in the department's distributions over time, with particular attention to grade inflation;

    • to compare distributions across sections of the same course and encourage discussions among faculty/IAS with regard to variances that may be reduced;

    • to compare the grade distributions of IAS and faculty; and,

    • to compare the grade distributions between general education and major courses to monitor any discrepancies that may be of concern to the department.

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