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  • Charter

    This charter defines the policy of the University regarding internal auditing and identifies the purpose, authority, and responsibility of the Office of Internal Audit.


    The Office of Internal Audit at UW-La Crosse has been established to assist management by reviewing all University operations at appropriate intervals and to provide analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, and data related to the activities reviewed.

    The internal auditing function is to ensure that UW-La Crosse maintains integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of financial records and proper control of University assets.  Although the Office of Internal Audit is an integral part of the University, it performs independently of all other divisions and departments.


    Internal auditing is an independent function established within the University to examine and evaluate its financial operations and procedures and report the findings and recommendations as a service to management.  The objective of internal auditing is to assist various levels of management in the effective discharge of their responsibilities and to suggest ways to ensure that activities and related results comply with planned arrangements.

    The internal auditing endeavors will be guided by the "Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing", "ACUA Statement of Responsibilities", and "University policies."

    Authority and Responsibilities

    The Office of Internal Audit at UW-La Crosse is authorized to perform audits with full access to all University records, personnel, and physical properties relevant to the performance of audits.  However, the auditor will be expected to exercise discretion, minimize disruption within the unit being audited, and assure the safekeeping and confidentiality of audit matters.

    The Office of Internal Audit has no authority over, nor responsibility for, the activities audited, and the implementation of recommendations.  Implementation of recommendations are at the discretion of management.

    The Internal Auditor reports administratively to the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or may report findings directly to the UW System if the auditor feels that is appropriate.

    Because performance of line responsibilities may compromise objectivity, the Internal Auditor should not perform work not related to audit except under unusual circumstances.     The Department may interrupt the normal schedule of audits to accommodate special requests from University management.