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    Event Date Time Location
    Global Friendship Celebration - Mandatory Meeting October 17 3 pm 1404 Centennial
    OPT Workshop October 23 4 pm 1200 Centennial
    OCW Coffee Clutch - Hosted by OCW, OIE & the Ceramics Club October 23 10:30 am Port O' Call, Cartwright
    BSMP Academic Team - Group Meeting for Spring 2015 Academic Advising October 24 3 pm 1235 Centennial
    Cultural Coffee Hour: STEM Fields October 28 4 pm Hall of Nations
    ISEP Students Academic Training Information Session October 30 1 pm 1200 Centennial
    OPT Workshop November 5 4 pm 1200 Centennial
    Global Initiatives Week November 7-14    
    Cultural Coffee Hour: Business November 11 4 pm Hall of Nations
    OPT Workshop November 18 4 pm 3100 Centennial
    Cultural Coffee Hour: History November 25 4 pm Hall of Nations
    OPT Workshop December 1 4 pm 1200 Centennial

    Cultural Coffee Hours

    • Students share their culture with the campus community by hosting a presentation and discussion on a topic related to their home country.
    • Presenters should be prepared for a 20 minute presentation.
    • In order to diversify the presentations, we need to limit country representation.
      • Only one presenter, per country, per coffee hour please!
      • Please sign up with your presentation topic at the front desk of OIE.  (1 Global Link Point)

    Cultural Poster Boards – Will be posted in the Global Village at Eagle Hall.

    • Create a bulletin board involving some aspect of your country or culture. One person per board.
    • In order to diversify the bulletin boards, we would like to limit country representation. Only one country per month please!
    • Sign up at OIE and make sure to review the bulletin board guidelines before you begin. (1 Global Link Point)

    Global Fridays – Various Fridays throughout October, November, February, March and April. Transportation provided during fall semester.

    • Join a 6th grade class at a local middle or elementary school and introduce your country to the students. Additional information on presentations will be provided.
    • Sign up at OIE. (1 Global Link point)

    International Panels for Classes (UW-L & La Crosse School District). Dates and times to be determined by requests from faculty.

    • Share your culture and knowledge with students. Emails will be sent to international students with specific details after a request has been made.

    Requests from Faculty and the Community. Dates and times to be determined.

    • OIE receives requests from faculty/staff and community members for international students to share their culture.
    • Some specific requests may include a native dance, language, craft, sport, etc. Emails will be sent to international students after a request has been made.

    Miscellaneous Requests. E-mails will be sent to international students with specific information.  Students seeking to earn Global Link Points for an event not advertised for Global Link Points can do so by filling out this form and getting approval from OIE.