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  • Tuition and expenses

    Estimated Expenses for F-1 Students

    Studying in the United States can be expensive, so it is very important to have your finances in order and understand the costs of your program.

    Below are the estimated expenses for one year of study at UW-La Crosse as a full-time student (non-exchange).  These are the minimum amounts that must be proven in order to be issued an I-20 for F-1 students.

    (2 semesters)
    (2 semesters)
    ESL Study
    (2 semesters)
    Tuition 14,634 17,694 9,400
    Administrative Fees 2,912 1,790 2,912
    Health Insurance 1,000 1,000 1,000
    5,270 5,270 5,270
    Meal Plan 2,792 2,792 2,792
    Estimated Total 26,608 USD 28,546 USD 21,374 USD

    *The estimated total costs do not include personal living expenses, travel costs, summer session or interim tuition costs. You should budget at least $3,000 per year for personal expenses.