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    It Make$ Cents! office hours are 8am-4:30pm.

    Our office phone number is 608.785.8852

    You can find us in Centennial Hall 2103

    The mission of It Make$ Cents! a financial literacy program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, is to address the financial concerns of students that are unique to college life, and equipping them with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to integrate and maintain lifelong financial wellness. Our outreach campaign is dedicated to fostering each student’s individual fiscal responsibility. Our approach is to get to the heart and head of the matter by breaking down the social and psychological barriers that alter the perception and taint the lenses of a student’s financial future. Our goal is to motivate, inspire a call to action, and to instill the knowledge to sow the success that each student strives to reap after graduation.

    Gasper Amanda

    Amanda Gasper

    Financial Literacy Coordinator
    2103 Centennial Hall 
    Janke Louise

    Louise Janke

    Director of Financial Aid
    215 Graff Main Hall
    Weber Jennifer

    Jennifer Weber

    Financial Aid Counselor
    215 Graff Main Hall
    Van Dalsem Shane

    Shane Van Dalsem

    Assistant Professor, Finance Department
    406D Wimberly Hall
    Engen Grace

    Grace Engen

    Institutional Research Analyst
    227 Graff Main Hall

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    Interesting Facts 

    The average National Student Loan Debt is $33,000.

    Average Student indebtedness in the state of Wisconsin is $28,128.

    The Average Student indebtedness at UWL is $28,083.

    84% of college students have a credit card.  50% of them have 4 or more.

    Value of money converted to time:

    1 million seconds ago was 12 days ago.

    1 billion seconds ago was 32 years ago.

    1 trillion seconds ago was 32,000 years ago,  prehistory.

    To load a trillion dollars on a train: If we loaded box cars with $1 bills, each car 50 feet long, we could get $65 million in each car. It would take a train 240 miles long to haul the trillion dollars.

    $67,000,000,000 in student loans were in default in 2011.


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