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    Family Budget

    Parent resources
    Annuity FYI has a page dedicated to financial literacy for kids. It contains Budgeting Tools, Saving Strategies, and Games. 
    Annuity FYI
    Get Rich Slowly is a blog for parents and adults with homes and responsibilities outside the workplace and school.Get Rich Slowly
    How to Teach Kids about Money: 10 dos and Don'ts A article on how to pass on some money smarts to your
    Money as You Grow An infographic that shows a recommended fromula for when to teach kids certain lessons in money management.
    Kid's games and other stuff
    FinanceAvengers The Avengers and Finance Read an Avengers comic about finance.
    PeterPig Peter Pig's Money Counter A coin counting game that develops a knowledge of US coins and math skills.
    FinancialSoccer Financial Soccer See if your savvy enough to win the world cup.
    FinancialFootball Financial Football Is your financial knowledge good enough for a super bowl?
    M3 Money Club M3 Money Club is a webpage designed by the Altra Foundation to help educate children about finances using comics, quizzes, games, and a slew of other cool stuff.

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    Interesting Facts 

    The average National Student Loan Debt is $33,000.

    Average Student indebtedness in the state of Wisconsin is $28,128.

    The Average Student indebtedness at UWL is $28,083.

    84% of college students have a credit card.  50% of them have 4 or more.

    Value of money converted to time:

    1 million seconds ago was 12 days ago.

    1 billion seconds ago was 32 years ago.

    1 trillion seconds ago was 32,000 years ago,  prehistory.

    To load a trillion dollars on a train: If we loaded box cars with $1 bills, each car 50 feet long, we could get $65 million in each car. It would take a train 240 miles long to haul the trillion dollars.

    $67,000,000,000 in student loans were in default in 2011.


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