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  • Life skills

    Life Skills. The phrase really makes you think: Do I have any of those? The answer is YES! Life Skills are things that everyone has to do throughout their lives. File taxes, budget money, get a job, etc. Believe it or not-you can do all these things! It Make$ Cents! is always here to help you manage your money and develop those Life Skills. 

    Tax Information

    Need some FREE tax tools to help you with your taxes? Check these out!

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    Money Skills


    Money Skills offers several modules on a wide variety of money related topics. All the modules are read aloud which helps increase retention. Their site is extremely user friendly, free, and useful for students and teachers alike.
    Cash Course

    Cash Course's webpage contains loads of information about finance and budgeting. They have several tools such as calculators and much more. CashCourseLogo


    Money Matters on Campus

    Money matters info-snap

    On our homepage we have a link to the incredible blog, Money Matters on Campus.  

    One of our favorite parts of this blog is the newly updated 2015 study on College Students and how they behave financially and plan for the future. More likely than not, YOU fit into one of these trends. 

    Navigate It Make$ Cents! and Our Life Skill Developing Tools

    Use one of our Spending Plan's or our easy to use Forms to help you manage your Budget

    Learn how to Manage Your Credit or protect yourself from Identity Theft.

    Don't understand banking? No problem! Just use our Saving & Banking page to answer all of your questions!

    Still have any questions for us? You can Ask A Question directly on our website or Schedule an Appointment with one of our staff. 

    We look forward to helping you however we can!