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  • Off campus housing

    Rent Smart

    This is a six hour course that is designed to provide practical education to help potential renters to both acquire and keep decent housing. It helps individuals who are likely to have trouble getting rental housing due to lack of experience or poor rental history, including evictions. Participants will receive a workbook and a certificate upon completion. 

    Finding a place to live in a college town is difficult with the amount of turnover. This new site, Rent College Pads, is a good way to begin your search!
    Avoiding Rental Scams can be difficult. Unfortunately, scammers are always looking for a quick way to get money and college students seem to be among their favorite targets. Follow the link for some quick tips about how to avoid being a target.

    Renters Insurance is a great way to protect yourself, is relatively inexpensive, and is usually pretty cheap. UW-L alum, Scott Bramwell, shares his story in Renters: Get insurance! and will explain why it is so important to have renters insurance. 

    Housing...And Managing to Pay For it!

    Housing Infographic

    Take a look at this graphic to see what kind of expenses you'll be facing in your new living space, as well as how to avoid some of those little things that cost a lot over time.
    Housing Infographic
    Renting an apartment

    The university does not own any apartments so all off-campus housing involves a rental agreement with a landlord.  There are many apartments around the campus area, many within walking distance from the campus.  Currently students also have free access to the city bus with their student ID.  Use this budget guide to help you with your finances.

    As you begin to look for an apartment here are some things to keep in mind:

    Campus Resource for Finding an Apartments

    The Office of Residence Life posts off campus housing at the website listed below: 

    Guide for Living Off-Campus

    You can call 608.785.8076 to get general information.

    Other Places to Find Apartments

    Rental listings

    Search engines

    Signs and adds posted on and around campus

    In the yellow pages under apartments

    Some tips before you rent

    Be sure you've read and understand the lease before signing.

    Remember who you live with is as important as where you live, so be sure to ask potential roommates questions about lifestyle to find a suitable roommate.

    Before you move into the apartment, do a thorough check-in including filling out a detailed inventory of the premises. Some landlords provide a form but if they don't, create your own.

    If you encounter problems or want someone to help you review your lease, the UW-L Student Association has made arrangements for free legal consultation for students.  Free legal advice is provided by attorneys sponsored and paid for by the UW-L Student Association.  Currently enrolled students may make 15 minute appointments by calling 608.785.8062 or by stopping in the Student Life Office, room 149, Graff Main Hall.  An attorney will be on campus for a short time on each Tuesday and Wednesday that classes are in session during fall and spring semesters.  They are available to meet with students occasionally during summer term. Appartments
    Living with a roommate

    Set clear expectations

    It is important to have clear understanding of what financial obligations you are agreeing to when deciding to live with a roommate.  Keep in mind that if your roommate cops out of a payment obligation, the responsibility will ultimately fall to you and any other roommates.  So choose your roommates carefully.

    Hash out your finances

    Set clear expectations about who is paying what.  Define things like gas, heat, water, cable, and internet.  Make sure everyone know who's paying what, how much and when.

    Keep communication channels open

    Have regular meetings to discuss any issues you or your roommates may have with your current arrangement.  Lack of communication can lead to anger and passive aggression.

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    Interesting Facts 

    If the money you spend in four years at a public college was a stack of pennies, it could reach more than 8.5 miles high, higher than most airplanes fly.

     84% of college students have a credit card.  50% of them have 4 or more.

    The average total debt for the Class of 2013 is $35,200.

    There will be approximately $1,200,000,000,000 in circulation in 2013.

    $67,000,000,000 in student loans were in default in 2011.


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