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As we begin a new academic year, I would like to share some important changes to our grade progress review (GPR) forms sent to faculty and staff on campus.  To help support your academic success and allow a smooth transition, the Office of Multicultural Student Services will send Grade Progress Review-Surveys on behalf of Multicultural Students.

Our goal is to increase the retention and graduation rates of Multicultural Students at UW-L.  Please know that this will be a joint effort between our office and you, the student!

It is our number one priority to make sure we provide you with the necessary resources to be successful!  After the 10 day drop period for fall and spring semesters, you will receive notice in your UW-L campus email.  If you qualify to opt out of this service, the email will inform you of the process necessary to do so.

At any point, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 608-785-8225.


Antoiwana Williams, Director

Roosevelt Scholars Act  Roosevelt

The Roosevelt Scholars Act is a new idea that will help the Federal Government recruit the best and brightest talent in key fields. The act will create a scholarship program for individuals who are pursuing degrees in areas of high skill and need. 

Upon completion of their degree, Roosevelt Scholars will make a commitment to working for the Federal Government.

The Roosevelt Scholars Program will be unique in its focus on education and mission-critical occupations.  Offering scholarships for mission-critical occupational areas including Engineering, Medicine and Public Health, Foreign Languages, Information Technology and Law.

If you would like to show you support for this program, please call, email, or write a letter to your Senators or Representative. For more information, Visit: or chat with Richard Sims for more information.