Leadership Through OMSS


Our Leadership

  • The Office of Multicultural Student Services leadership opportunities provide practical life-long learning for students as well as compliment the academic mission of the University. 

  • All types of opportunities exist to build skills, raise confidence, and teach about self and others.

  • Students can serve as role-model leaders for those yet to come at UW-L and beyond.  Programs are created, sponsored, and implemented by students.   

  • Experiences greatly enhance the University’s curricular goals inside and outside the classroom.

  • Students usually expand educational doors to:

    • Plan, execute, and participate in activities like Multicultural and Diversity Student Organizations Leadership Training

    • UW-L Multicultural Alumni Awards Program

    • American Multicultural Student Leadership Conference

    • Multicultural Day Event and various collaborations.

  • OMSS provides leadership training, advisement, and support for eight active Multicultural Student Organizations:

  • Multicultural and social justice programming of events, activities, and initiatives promote multicultural awareness and reaffirms multicultural identities while offering natural cross-cultural environments. 

  • Promotes active citizenship, develops leadership skills while also establishing long lasting relationships. 

  • Experiences teach students how to handle responsibility, furnish campus-wide education, and build UW-L unity.

  • Results:  students get to contribute

    • In meaningful ways

    • Use one’s individual minds to analyze, plan, and make decisions

    • Better prepare themselves for working and interacting with almost any situation with all backgrounds of people.