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MVAC Mission

The mission of the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center is to provide education about the science of archaeology and the ancient cultures of the upper Mississippi River Valley to the general public, teachers, undergraduate students, and precollegiate students; to conduct research and exploration of archaeological sites and artifacts; to preserve archaeological artifacts of ancient cultures which flourished within the upper Mississippi Valley; and to provide a regional center to promote an understanding of the prior inhabitants of this region.



MVAC Directors

Left to Right: MVAC Founder James Gallagher (1982-2002), MVAC Current Director Timothy McAndrews (2013-present), MVAC Former Director Joseph Tiffany (2002-2013)


Supporting MVAC

To accomplish its mission, the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center relies on the support of people like you.  When you become a member, or make an additional contribution to MVAC, you play a vital role in supporting our nationally recognized public education program. 

Gifts to the non-profit University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Foundation for MVAC qualify as charitable tax deductions to the full extent of the law as applied to the individual circumstances of each donor.

Many employers will match gifts to non-profit organizations made by employers, retirees and spouses.  Perhaps you can increase the value of your gift through a matching gift plan.

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Consider becoming a member of MVAC.  Benefits of your membership include Archaeology News, our quarterly newsletter.  It will keep you posted on MVAC’s upcoming events and new discoveries.  In addition, you will receive invitations to “members only” events.  

Memberships are available at the following levels:

  •  Patron:
$1,000 +
  •  Benefactor:
$500 - $999
  •  Supporting:
$100 - $499
  •  Contributing:
$50 - $99
  •  Active:
$35 - $49
  •  Student:

To become a member call 608-785-8463, e-mail Marcee or click here to download a PDF version of MVAC's Membership Brochure.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the MVAC Membership Brochure.  Click here if you want to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

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Endowment Fund

Friends of MVAC are also encouraged to consider making a donation to the MVAC Endowment Fund.  Interest earned from the endowment provides a steady base of support for our education program.  To date, more than $500,000 has been raised.  Donors who contribute endowment gifts of $500 or more are recognized on a wall plaque in the Archaeology Center and Laboratories’ Wall of Fame.

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Other Giving Opportunities

  • Sponsor a student for the Summer Youth Program.
  • Donate to a scholarship fund for archaeology students.
  • Make a contribution to MVAC's Educational Endowment.   
  • Make a special commitment to MVAC in the form of a planned gift.  Thoughtful financial, estate and charitable gift planning offer innovative ways to support MVAC’s future programs. 
  • Make a contribution to the fund for the preservation of rock art in Southwestern Wisconsin.   

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Additional Information

For additional information on membership or contributions contact Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center at:

    Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
    1725 State Street
    La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601
    Phone:    608-785-8463
    Fax:        608-785-8456
    E-mail:    Marcee

For membership and other contributions, please make your check payable to UW-L Foundation for MVAC.

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