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A matching funds grant has been awarded by the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Foundation to provide financial assistance to districts, schools, classes or teachers that would like to use the services of Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center's Archaeology Education Program, but have limited funding available.  This grant will provide funding on a dollar for dollar match basis, meaning that every dollar you provide will be matched by funds from the grant.  Funds can be used to cover the costs of either resource rentals or presentations.  University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Foundation Matching Fund Awards are limited to a minimum of $20.00 and maximum of $100.00 for each instructor (more than one instructor may apply in any single school).  Funds are to be equally matched by the instructor, school or district.

To be eligible for funds from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Foundation Matching Funds Program, fill out the application form (see below) and return to MVAC.  Priority will be given to districts, schools, classes or teachers that have had limited or no contact with the Archaeology Education Program.  Award recipients will be notified by phone, e-mail or mail.  For more information on the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Matching Funds Program contact Jean at 608-785-8454 or by e-mailing Jean

Please complete the following form and submit on line or print form and mail or fax to MVAC to be considered for a Matching Funds Grant.

Note: A letter of confirmation from the school principal, district superintendent (or whoever is providing the matching funds) stating their commitment to provide the matching funds must be submitted  for your application to be considered.  Letter may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed. 

Mail: MVAC
Jean Dowiasch
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI, 54601
Phone: 608-785-8454
E-mail: Jean
Fax: 608-785-6474


Daytime phone number:


Grade level:
Is your school public or private?   Public


How many teachers will be involved?
How many students will be involved?
How much are you requesting? $


Have you used the services of the Archeology Education Program before?



If yes, what services have you used and when?

What resources or presentations are you requesting support for?  Which month(s) do you plan to use these services?

Briefly, how will you fit these services into your curriculum?

Thank you for submitting your information online!

Note:  After clicking on Submit button a Confirmation Form will appear indicating your information has been submitted.

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