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  • AP and retroactive credit

    The UW-La Crosse Mathematics Department offers a number of ways for students to receive additional course credit. It is to a student's advantage to make use of these opportunities to increase the number of credits earned, which will in turn allow for earlier course registration. In addition to the page below, make sure to visit our Credit By Exam page for further opportunity to receive course credit.

    Note: An incoming freshman has the potential earn 13 course credits in the following manner:

    • AP credit for Calculus I -   Earn 5 credits
    • Pass the MTH 150 Credit by Exam  - Earn 4 credits
    • Receive a Grade of "B" or above in Calculus II or III - Earn 4 Retroactive Credits for MTH 151, Precalculus


    Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

    UW-La Crosse grants course credit to students who receive a 3 or higher on their AP exam. The specific course credits are listed below:

    • Students with a score of 3 on the BC Calculus examination, are awarded credit for MTH 207 - Calculus I
    • Students with a score of 4 or 5 on the BC Calculus examination, are awarded credit for both MTH 207 - Calculus I and MTH 208 - Calculus II
    • Students with a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AB Calculus examination are awarded credit for MTH 207 - Calculus I
    Note: Students scoring a 3 should consult with the Mathematics Department regarding accepting credit and placement in courses.  We do not advise students scoring a 3 to accept the credit if they plan to continue in the Calculus series.

    Retroactive Credit

    Students earning a grade of "B" or better in their first attempt at MTH 207, MTH  208, MTH 309, or MTH 310 will be given retroactive credit for MTH 151 provided that the student's transcript shows no prior or concurrent enrollment in MTH 151, MTH 207, MTH 308, MTH 309, or MTH 310.