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  • Colloquium

    The Mathematics Colloquium meets on alternating Fridays from 3:30-4:30 pm in 2205 Centennial Hall.

    Students are encouraged to attend!

    Robert Allen ( and Chad Vidden ( are organizers of the Department Colloquium for the 2014-2015 academic year. Please contact either of them if you have a good candidate for a colloquium speaker.

    Schedule for Spring 2015

    Date Speaker Title
    Eric Eager 
    UW-L Mathematics
    An Overview of Mathematical Biology (pdf)
    Jacob Manske
    Epic Systems
    Do Something Epic! (pdf)
    02/27 Josh Hertel 
    Matt Chedister 
    Jenni McCool 
    Jenn Kosiak
    UW-L Mathematics

    High Standards for all Students: A Look at the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (pdf)

    03/06 Mac Gallagher
    Eddie Kim
    UW-L Mathematics

    Efficiency of linear programming using the simplex method via diameter growth in abstract polytopes

    The transportation problem and the diameters of transportation polytopes (pdf) 

    Cowley 156
    Marco Vriens
    Opportunities of Mathematics in Marketing (pdf)
    03/27 Jeff Boyle
    UW-L Mathematics
    Using Rolling Circles to Generate Caustic Envelopes Resulting from Reflected Light (pdf)
    Keith Wojciechowski
    UW Stout
    Mathematicians Who Work in Industry
    Student Presentations TBA
    04/17 Sishen Zhou
    UIUC Mathematics
    Math Applications in Industrial Problems
    Whitney George
    UW-L Mathematics
    An Introduction to Knot Theory

    Schedule for Fall 2014

    Date Speaker Title
    09/12  Nathan Warnberg 
    UW-L Mathematics
    Coloring the Integers modulo n (pdf)
    10/03  Student Presentations Math and Statistics Competitions (pdf)
    10/10 Chad Vidden
    UW-L Mathematics

    An introduction to discontinuous Galerkin methods 

    with discussion of undergraduate research (pdf)
    10/24  Student Presentations 

    Summer 2014 Math Dean's Distinguished Fellows (pdf)

    10/31 Roberto Salgado
    UW-L Physics
    Spacetime Trigonometry:  A Cayley-Klein Geometry Approach to Special and General Relativity (pdf)
    11/14 Friedrich Littmann
    NDSU Mathematics
    The North Dakota State University Graduate Program
    with Discussion of the Riemann Zeta Function (pdf)
    11/21  Student Presentations  Math REU and Internship Experiences (pdf)
    12/5 Tushar Das
    UW-L Mathematics
    From Fractions to Fractals:
    A mathematical tour through the ages