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  • Placement test

    The Math Placement Exam is part of the University of Wisconsin Placement Test, which is required for all entering freshmen and some transfer students. The Mathematics Placement Exam is used to determine a student's aptitude in mathematics and determine placement for their first UW-L math course.

    The exam is 90 minutes in length and will include questions on basic math, algebra, and trigonometry. Students are strongly encouraged to take the Practice Exam before the actual placement exam. For more specific information, follow this link.

    Students who plan to take the exam should contact the Counseling & Testing Center at

    Note: Students who do not pass their first UW-L math course within two years of taking the placement exam must re-take the exam.



     Make sure to visit the Regional Testing Center for information on exams, dates, and locations.


    Exam Day

    Make sure to bring a picture ID, #2 lead pencils, and a non-graphing calculator.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to email Dr. Karl Kattchee at