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Mathematics and Statistics

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  • Welcome

    Department Chair: Dr. Rebecca LeDocq, 608.785.6615,

    Click Here To Contact the Chair anonymously with any concerns.

    Department Associate:  Karoline Auby, 608.785.6603,

    4th Annual Calculus Competition

    November 7th from 10am-12pm.  Cash prizes are available for top participants.  For more information see the Competition page here, or email Dr. Yan.

    • Make sure to check the Department of Mathematics and Statistics calendar for more events!

    All of the 2014-2015 seniors in this photo are going to prestigious graduate schools.  Congrats, seniors!

    2015 Real Analysis Students

    About the Department

     Math Department 2015

    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics consists of over 30  teacher-scholars who are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate education. In addition to our teaching program, department members are engaged in a variety of scholarship, research, and professional service activities, including traditional research-scholarship, support for undergraduate mathematics research programs, participation in national mathematics organizations, and outreach in middle/high school mathematics. Research interests within the department include algebra, fluid dynamics, graph theory, harmonic analysis, mathematical biology, mathematics education, numerical analysis, operator theory, and statistics.

    MoocWords2As one of the traditional academic disciplines, mathematics is an integral part of the liberal arts education and is the foundation for many areas of study. In filling many roles at UW-La Crosse the Department of Mathematics and Statistics serves a diverse group of students; we nurture all liberal arts students, give students a solid foundation from which to study both the natural and social sciences, provide the tools needed by students in professional programs, and cultivate mathematics majors. We strive to prepare our majors and minors for careers in teaching, business, industry, government, and graduate study.

    Department members regard mathematics as an interesting and lively subject, and an accessible major or minor for any student. Mathematics has both an aesthetic and a practical appeal; the enjoyment of problem solving, abstract thinking, and structural beauty draws many to mathematics, while the challenge and satisfaction of using mathematics to solve real-world problems provides an equally strong appeal. If you enjoy mathematics and want to learn more, we invite you to come study with us.