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  • French

    French opportunities at UWL

    • BA in French (30 credits in French at the 300-400 level)
    • BA in French with Business Concentration (30 credits in French at the 300-400 level plus 24 credits in general and international business courses)
    • BS in Secondary Education with a French major (30 credits in French at the 300-400 level plus 36 credits in courses leading to certification and completion of student teaching or an internship)
    • French Minor (18 credits in French at the 300-400 level)
    • French Studies Certificate (18 credits in French at the 200-300 level)


                  NEW CLASS: French Literary Voices in English

      Planet of the Apes;              The Red and the Black
             Boule de Suif;                     Fear and Trembling
            The Life before us;              Oriental Tales
                                                                 Shantytown Kid


    What do these titles have in common?
    Francophone authors wrote them!
    And they are all part of a new General Education Course
    FRE 395 – French Literary Voices in English
    Pre-requisite: Sophomore standing
    E. Humanistic Studies: The Search for Values and Meaning
    E.1. Literature
    Taught Fall 2016
    GMH 212

    FRE 395 1


    French program resources

    Study abroad programs

    • Université de Caen (summer only)
    • Université de Nancy (semester or academic year)
    • International Student Exchange Program
    • International Internships in Epinal, France (sister city of La Crosse, WI)

    French Club information

    Why learn French?

    • Research shows that learning a foreign language develops areas of the brain that improve memory and reasoning in other subjects
    • Many other disciplines use words that come from French, so learning French can improve your vocabulary in English
    • French is the 9th most widely spoken language on the planet
    • French is the 3rd most widely used language online
    • French-speaking countries account for 19% of all world trade
    • French is spoken by 220 million people worldwide
    • French is the 2nd most widely spoken native language in the European Union
    • Dr. Virginie Cassidy realized this video that explains why speaking French is becoming a crucial skill for most professions