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  • Hmong

    Hmong course offerings

    Elementary Hmong: MLG 101 and 102 (4 credits)

    • Gain elementary knowledge of speaking, reading, and writing the Hmong language
    • Learn simple phrases and sentences
    • Acquire approximately 200-500 vocabulary words
    • Develop and understanding of the richness of the Hmong culture and tradition

    Intermediate Hmong Heritage Language: MLG 204 (4 credits)

    • Develop intermediate-level heritage language reading, writing, and vocabulary skills
    • Learn heritage language writing systems
    • Read and write short texts
    • Discover the geographic variation within the Hmong language

    Advanced Hmong Heritage Language: MLG 304 (4 credits)

    • Build vocabulary extensively
    • Increase the skill and sophistication of reading, writing, and oral language skills
    • Explore common cultural practices in the Hmong-American community
    • Deepen knowledge and understanding of the language