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  • Japanese

    UWL is proud to participate in the UW System Collaborative Language programin order to offer Japanese.

    Japanese program offerings

    • Two-year course of study fulfilling the College of Liberal Studies language requirements for BA degrees
      • Japanese 101 (fall semesters)
      • Japanese 102 (spring semesters)
      • Japanese 201 (fall semesters)
      • Japanese 202 (spring semesters)
    • Opportunities to study abroad
    • Opportunities to teach English in Japan through the Guy Healy Program


    Those who have studied Japanese before need to take a placement test for placement into to appropriate course. Please email the Japanese instructor at

    Why learn Japanese

    • Japan has the 2nd-largest economy in the world
    • Japan's population is almost one-half that of the US, but they live in an area smaller than California
    • Japanese innovations are everywhere (such as Pokemon and Nintendo)
    • Japanese traditional, modern, and pop cultures are world-renowned
    • A large portion of Japan's history was spent in isolation, allowing them to develop an incredibly unique culture
    • Learning Japanese helps improve your ability to problem solve and other brain functions (check out these benefits of being a bilingual)
    • European languages are typically the first choice as second languages for speakers of English, so learning Japanese sets you apart from everyone else
    • Not convinced? Check out more reasons to study Japanese!