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  • Tips for tutees

    Attend Class
    Tutoring does not take the place of attending class.  Tutoring is a service to clarify and enhance your understanding of class materials.


    Arrive prepared
    Review course materials and lecture notes.  Bring all needed materials (textbook, notes, syllabus, etc...) to the tutoring session.  Having all materials will help both you and the tutor to better understand the task at hand.


    Learn actively
    Do not just sit and listen during your tutoring session.  Ask questions, do sample problems, draw diagrams, and explain course concepts in your own words.


    Be proactive
    Come to tutoring sessions before you fall behind in your coursework.  It is easier for tutors to assist you when you first start having problems than when you are too far behind to catch up. 


    Understand Roles
    Tutors do not take the place of the instructor.  Tutors cannot do your homework for you or check to see if your homework is correct.  Tutors are there to enhance your understanding of the coursework.