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  • Current periodicals first floor

    The following current periodicals are shelved in the current periodicals area, just north of the interlibrary loan office.


    TITLE ISSN Holdings
    Advertising age. 0001-8899 Current Year Only
    Advocate. 0001-8996 Current Year Only
    American fitness. 0893-5238 v.31(2013)-
    American history. 1076-8866 v.48(2013)-
    American Legion. 0886-1234 Current Year Only
    Artist's magazine. 0741-3351 v.29(2012)-
    Atlantic monthly. 1072-7825 Current 12 months
    Audubon. 0097-7136 v.115(2013)-
    Black enterprise. 0006-4165 Current 12 months
    Business week. 0007-7135 Current 12 months
    Canadian geographic. 0706-2168 v.133(2013)-
    Catholic worker. 0008-8463 Current Year Only
    Christian century. 0009-5281 Current Year Only
    Computerworld. 0010-4841 Current Year Only 
    Consumer reports. 0010-7174 Current Year Only - 2 yrs
    Council on Undergraduate Research quarterly. 1072-5830 Current Year Only
    Dance magazine. 0011-6009 Current 12 months
    Dance teacher. 1524-4474 v.35(2013)-
    Discover. 0274-7529 v.34(2013)-
    Down beat. 0012-5768 Current Year Only
    Economist. 0013-0613 Current Year Only
    Education week. 0277-4232 Current Year Only
    Esquire. 0194-9535 Current Year Only
    Essence. 0014-0880 Current Year Only
    Forbes. 0015-6914 Current Year Only
    Fortune. 0015-8259 Current Year Only
    Futurist. 0016-3317 Current Year Only
    Glamour. 0017-0747 Current Year Only
    Good housekeeping. 0017-209X Current Year Only
    GQ. 0016-6979 Current Year Only
    Guitar player. 0017-5463 Current Year Only
    Harper's. 0017-789X Current 12 months
    Harvard business review. 0017-8012 v.91(2013)-
    Health. 1059-938X Current Year Only
    History today. 0018-2753 v.63(2013)-
    Horticulture. 0018-5329 v.110(2013)-
    HRMagazine : on human resource management. 1047-3149 Current Year Only
    International gymnast. 0891-6616 Current Year Only
    Jet. 0021-5996 Current Year Only
    Journal of allied health. 0090-7421 Current 12 months
    Journal of leisure research. 0022-2216 Current 12 months
    Kiplinger's personal finance. 1528-9729 Current Year Only
    Library journal. 0363-0277 Current 12 months
    Maclean's. 0024-9262 Current Year Only
    Marketing news. 0025-3790 Current 12 months
    Money. 0149-4953 Current Year Only
    Mother earth news. 0027-1535 Current Year Only
    Ms. 0047-8318 Current Year Only
    Muscle & fitness. 0744-5105 Current Year Only
    Nation. 0027-8378 Current 12 months
    National geographic. 0027-9358 v.223(2013)-
    National parks : [the magazine of the National Parks & Conservation Association]. 0276-8186 Current Year Only
    National review. 0028-0038 v.65(2013)-
    National wildlife. 0028-0402 v.51(2013)-
    New republic. 0028-6583 v.244(2013)-
    New York review of books. 0028-7504 Current 12 months
    New York times book review. 0028-7806 Current 12 months
    New York times magazine. 0028-7822 Current Month Only
    New York times upfront. 1525-1292 Current 12 months
    New Yorker. 0028-792X Current 12 months
    On balance.   Current Year Only
    Out. 1062-7928 Current Year Only
    Parents. 1083-6373 Current Year Only
    Parks & recreation. 0031-2215 Current 12 months
    Poder hispanic. 2156-5139 Current Year Only
    Prevention. 0032-8006 Current Year Only
    Principal. 0271-6062 Current 12 months
    Professional photographer. 1528-5286 v.140(2013)-
    Progressive. 0033-0736 Current Year Only
    Psychology today. 0033-3107 Current 12 months
    Publishers weekly. 0000-0019 Current Year Only
    Reader's digest. 0034-0375 Current Year Only
    Reading improvement. 0034-0510 Current 12 months
    Referee. 0733-1436 Current Year Only
    Risk management. 0035-5593 Current 12 months
    Rolling stone. 0035-791X Current Year Only
    Saturday evening post. 0048-9239 Current Year Only
    Saudi Aramco world. 1530-5821 Current Year Only
    School library journal : SLJ. 0362-8930 Current Year Only
    Science scope / National Science Teachers Association. 0887-2376 Current 12 months
    Science teacher. 0036-8555 Current 12 months
    Scientific American. 0036-8733 Current Year Only
    Seventeen. 0037-301X Current Year Only
    Sierra. 0161-7362 Current 12 months
    Sky and telescope. 0037-6604 v.125(2012)-
    Smithsonian. 0037-7333 Current 12 months
    Sports illustrated. 0038-822X Current 12 months
    Sports 'n spokes. 0161-6706 v.39(2013)-
    Tennis. 0040-3423 Current Year Only
    Time. 0040-781X Current 12 months
    Utne. 1544-2225 Current 12 months
    Vogue. 0042-8000 Current Year Only
    Whitetails Unlimited magazine. 1085-7281 Current Year Only
    Wisconsin energy cooperative news.   Current Year Only
    Wisconsin people and ideas. 1558-9633 Current Year Only
    Workforce management. 1547-5565 Current 12 months
    Working mother. 0278-193X Current Year Only
    Wrestling USA. 0199-6258 v.47(2012)-
    Writer's chronicle. 1529-5443 Current Year Only
    YC Young Children. 1538-6619 Current 12 months
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  • 2014 Celebration of Alumni and Campus Authors

    Join friends and colleagues at the 2014 Celebration of Campus Authors from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21 in the Cleary Center. 

    This year's event includes books written by UW-L alumni as well as faculty and staff.

    The event will have more than 50 books on display, with many authors on hand. A program begins at 4:30.

    Learn more at the Campus Authors web page.



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