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  • Current periodicals lower level

    The following current periodicals are shelved in the bound periodicals area, on Murphy Library's lower level.

    Title ISSN Holdings
    Accounting historians journal.  0148-4184  v.38(2011)-
    Action in teacher education.  0162-6620  v.35(2013)-
    ALAN review.  0882-2840  v.40(2013)-
    American economist.  0569-4345  v.55(2010)-
    American Indian art magazine.  0192-9968  v.38(2013)-
    American Indian culture and research journal.  0161-6463  v.34(2010)-
    American journal of recreation therapy.  1539-4131  v.11(2012)-
    American music teacher.  0003-0112  Current 12 months
    Applied research in coaching and athletics annual.  1546-2323  v.28(2013)-
    Archaeology.  0003-8113  v.66(2013)-
    Archéo-Nil 1161-0492  no.19(2009)-
    Architectural record.  0003-858X  v.201(2013)-
    Argumentation and advocacy 1051-1431  v.49(2012/2013)-
    Art education.  0004-3125  v.61(2008)-
    Art in America.  0004-3214  v.101(2013)-
    Artforum international.  1086-7058  v.52(2013)-
    ARTnews.  0004-3273  v.112(2013)-
    Arts and activities.  0004-3931  v.152(2013)-
    Athletic business.  0747-315X  v.37(2013)-
    Behavioral disorders.  0198-7429  v.38(2012/2013)-
    British journal of occupational therapy.  0308-0226  v.76(2013)-
    Business credit : publication of National Association of Credit Management.  0897-0181  v.115(2013)-
    Business history review.  0007-6805  v.84(2009)-
    Ceramics monthly.  0009-0328  v.61(2013)-
    Change.  0009-1383  v.42(2010)-v.44(2012)
    China Today  1003-0905  v.62(2013)-
    Choral journal.  0009-5028  Current 12 months
    Clavier companion.  1086-0819  v.5(2013)-
    College and university 0010-0889  Current Year Only
    College mathematics journal 0746-8342  v.41(2010)-
    College student journal.  0146-3934  Current Year Only
    Columns 0196-1306  v.34(2013)-
    Comparative politics.  0010-4159  v.41(2009)-v.44(2012)
    Education and training in autism and developmental disabilities.    v.48(2013)-
    Educational horizons.  0013-175X  v.91(2012/2013)-
    Educational leadership 0013-1784  Current Year Only
    Feminist collections.  0742-7441  Current Year Only
    Feminist studies : FS.  0046-3663  v.35(2009)-
    Flute talk.  0744-6918  v.32(2012/2013)-
    Focus on exceptional children.  0015-511X  Current Year Only
    Foreign affairs.  0015-7120  v.89(2010)-
    French review.  0016-111X  v.82(2008)-
    Georgia review.  0016-8386  v.67(2013)-
    German studies review.  0149-7952  v.33(2010)-
    Harvard law review.  0017-811X  v.124(2010)-
    Hedgehog review.  1527-9677  v.15(2013)-
    Herpetological review.  0018-084X  v.44(2013)-
    Hispamérica.  0363-0471  v.39(2010)-
    Historia mexicana.  0185-0172  v.61(2012)-
    Historical archaeology.  0440-9213  v.44(2010)-
    Independent school.  0145-9635  v.71(2011)
    Industry week.  0039-0895  v.262(2013)-
    Instructor.  0892-9122  v.123(2013)-
    Instrumentalist.  0020-4331  v.68(2013/2014)-
    International journal of sport management.  1546-234X  v.14(2013)-
    International journal of sport psychology 0047-0767  v.44(2013)-
    International social science review.  0278-2308  v.88(2013)-
    Interscholastic athletic administration.  0097-871X  v.39(2013)-
    Journal of American history.  0021-8723  v.93(2007)-
    Journal of applied finance : JAF.  1534-6668  v.23(2013)-
    Journal of college admissions 0734-6670  no.218(2013)-
    Journal of crime & justice 0735-648X  v.33(2010)-
    Journal of humanistic counseling, education and development.  1931-0293  v.50(2011)-
    Journal of law & education.  0275-6072  v.42(2013)-
    Journal of music therapy.  0022-2917  v.50(2013)-
    Journal of Negro education.  0022-2984  v.79(2010)-
    Journal of philosophy.  0022-362X  v.105(2008)-
    Journal of physician assistant education 1941-9430  v.24(2013)-
    Journal of rehabilitation.  0022-4154  v.79(2013)-
    Journal of singing 1086-7732  v.69(2012)-
    Journal of sport behavior.  0162-7341  v.36(2013)-
    Journal of sport history.  0094-1700  v.40(2013)-
    Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society.  0535-5729  v.60(2013)-
    Latin American antiquity 1045-6635  v.21(2010)-
    Literary review.  0024-4589  v.56(2013)-
    Madison review.  1083-3684  v.33(2011)-
    Magazine antiques.  0161-9284  v.179(2012)-
    Massachusetts review.  0025-4878  v.51(2010)-
    Medical journal of Australia.  0025-729X  Current Year Only
    Medical physics.  0094-2405  v.38(2011)-
    Metalsmith.  0270-1146  v.33(2013)-
    Midcontinental journal of archaeology, MCJA.  0146-1109  v.35(2010)-
    Middle school journal.  0094-0771  Current Year Only
    Minnesota conservation volunteer / Department of Natural Resources.  1523-6331  v.76(2013)-
    Minnesota history.  0026-5497  v.61(2008)-
    Modern painters.  0953-6698  (2013:Jan.)-
    NACE journal.  1542-2046  v.74(2013)-
    Natural areas journal 0885-8608  v.33(2013)-
    Natural resources journal.  0028-0739  v.53(2013)-
    Negro educational review.  0548-1457  v.64(2013)-
    Newsletter / The Society for Historical Archaeology.  0037-9735  Current Year Only
    Newsletter / Wisconsin Health and Physical Education.    v.42(2012)-
    Newsletter of the Iowa Archeological Society.  1940-7122  v.62(2012)-
    Orff echo.  0095-2613  v.46(2013)-
    Orientalia.  0030-5367  v.81(2012)-
    Palaestra.  8756-5811  v.27(2012)-
    Paris review.  0031-2037  no.204(2013)-
    Passenger pigeon.  0031-2703  v.75(2013)-
    Physical & health education journal.  1498-0940  v.78(2012/2013)-
    Physical educator.  0031-8981  v.69(2012)-
    Physics teacher.  0031-921X  v.51(2013)-
    Plains anthropologist.  0032-0447  v.56(2011)-
    Poetry.  0032-2032  v.196(2010)-
    Poets & writers.  0891-6136  v.41(2013)-
    Pottery making illustrated.  1096-830X  v.16(2013)-
    Principal leadership  2156-2113  v.14(2013)-
    Psychological record.  0033-2933  Current Year Only
    Psychology and education.  1553-6939  v.50(2013)-
    PT in motion.  1949-3711  v.5(2013)-
    Radiation therapist  1084-1911  v.22(2013)-
    Renascence.  0034-4346  v.65(2013)-
    Rethinking schools.  0895-6855  v.27(2012/2013)-
    Review of metaphysics.  0034-6632  v.64(2010)-
    Rural electric magazine.  1054-0474  Current Year Only
    School and community.  0036-6447  v.99(2013)-
    School arts.  0036-6463  v.113(2013)-
    School library monthly.  0889-9371  v.29(2012/2013)-
    School planning & management.  1086-4628  v.52(2013)-
    School psychology review.  0279-6015  v.42(2013)-
    Science and children.  0036-8148  v.51(2013/2014)-
    Science-fiction studies.  0091-7729  v.37(2010)-
    Social studies and the young learner.  1056-0300  v.26(2013/2014)-
    Sociological imagination.  1077-5048  v.48(2012)-
    Southern review.  0038-4534  v.49(2013)-
    Technique 0748-5999  v.33(2013)-
    Therapeutic recreation journal.  0040-5914  v.39(2005)-
    Tourist attractions and parks.  0194-4894  v.43(2013)-
    Track coach.  1085-8792  no.203(2013)-
    Twentieth century literature.  0041-462X  v.56(2010)-
    Wisconsin archeologist.  0043-6364  v.93(2013)-
    Wisconsin law review.  0043-650X  (2013)-
    Wisconsin natural resources.  0736-2277  v.37(2013)-
    Women in business 0043-7441  v.65(2013)-
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