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Change of Address
If you have moved since your last address update, you need to fill out a change of address form in the Office of International Education immediately. Students also need to update their addresses in their WINGS accounts. During SEVIS registration, many students still had a Baird Hall address on file with OIE (and this building no longer exists!). Remember keeping your address up to date with OIE is a responsibility of maintaining your visa status and crucial to staying in status!

Departure Form
Students who will be departing from UW-L and not returning will need to fill out and submit a Departure Form to our office before leaving UW-L. The Departure Form can be found HERE.

Program Extension
If a student has not completed their program by the program end date listed on their I-20 (section #5), and they want to continue their program of study, he/she must apply for his/her program extension through OIE. Failure to do so will result in the student being ‘out of status.’ The maximum amount of time for any one extension is 12 months.  Click to access the Request to Extend Program Form.

General Letter Request Form
This letter may be used to confirm enrollment at UW-L.  OIE does NOT prepare letters for Enrollment Verification or letters to obtain a new F-1 Visa.  To obtain the official verification, please visit the Records and Registration Office in 117 Graff Main Hall, or your WINGS account for more information.

Information about transferring can be found HERE.

Family Invitation Letter Request Form