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Recently, students have sought out study abroad programs from other universities and program providers.  It is important to consider that if a student applies for non-UWL programs, the student is completely independent in the application process.  By applying to non-UWL approved programs, students acknowledge the following:

APPLICATION & PAYMENT: Students are responsible for all program application, submissions, payment of fees, insurance coverage, orientation sessions, visa procurement, etc.
  • Students will NOT be registered for UWL's INS 250 course.
UWL ELIGIBILITY: Students applying for non-UWL supported programs will NOT be enrolled at UWL for the term of study.  Therefore, students will be required to re-apply prior to their return to campus (see Admissions Re-entry section:

NOTE: There is no guarantee that there will be a spot at UWL for you for when you want to return to UWL.


CREDIT TRANSFER: Students are responsible for contacting the Office of International Education and request an Academic Plan form to be completed with their faculty or College advisor PRIOR to departure on their program.  It is also the student’s responsibility to request their study abroad program transcripts be sent to the OIE office for credit evaluation.


PROGRAM APPROVAL: At the time of your meeting with OIE, you must submit a printed description of your study program and the institution offering the program.  If approved, OIE will submit a letter to Financial Aid alerting them of your participation in a non-UWL program.  You will be required to complete three (3) forms for this approval:

OIE's Application Form
Academic Plan (with advisor’s signature)
Study Abroad Survey

These forms will be provided to you at the time of your meeting with the OIE representative.



FAO will process Consortium Agreements for UWL students attending programs offered by other UW System campuses, Viterbo University, Western Technical College and Winona State.  They will NOT initiate a Consortium Agreement for any other schools, domestic or international.  You will have to make an appointment with a representative in the UW-L FAO.   Bring with you the approval letter provided you by OIE.

The UWL FAO will complete the Home School Section of the Consortium Agreement and will show you the Student Section that has to be completed.  It will be the student's responsibility to get the Consortium Agreement to the Financial Aid Office of the visiting school.  The FAO at the Visiting School will complete their section and return it to the UWL FAO.  It will also be the student's responsibility to follow the progress of the Consortium Agreement to make sure that it gets back to the UWL FAO.

The student's financial aid will NOT be sent to the visiting school until AFTER the start of the UW-L's grading period for which the financial aid was processed. 


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