Study Abroad

Faculty-led Study Tours

Guidelines and Forms

In order to facilitate faculty-led programming options, OIE, in conjunction with IEC, have developed the following links for faculty to review prior to submitting a study tour proposal.

Faculty preparing a study tour proposal must submit a completed application, including letters of support from their department chair and college dean.  In addition, an estimated budget must be attached.


Please note that to adequately develop a quality program, development requires a minimum of 24 months.

After an international study program is approved and offered at least 3 times over the past 5 years, the program may be evaluated by the IEC for conversion to the status of an ongoing international study program.  The leader must provide a complete program review package after the third time the program has been offered, and after every third year thereafter.


Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs

The program leader should meet with the Office of International Education staff to ensure compliance with “ACIS 7.1 Policy Guidelines for the Conduct of International Programs in the University of Wisconsin System” and “Financial Administration: Study Abroad Programs (F45).”

Procedures for Faculty-led Study Abroad and Service Learning Programs Handbook


Study Tour Cover Sheet (PDF File)
Study Tour Cover Sheet (Word File)

Ongoing Study Tour Summary Form

Study Tour Budget Sheet (Copy this Excel form to your computer and begin adding the budget information.  NOTE: only add the information to the "DETAIL" page.  The information will transfer automatically to the "FEES" page to generate the program fee.)

Post Trip Assessment Form

Faculty Mentor Program
Interested in developing a faculty led program, and looking for advice?  Click here to see a list of past leaders who are willing to share their expertise and insight on the process to help you create a new program.


UW-La Crosse’s Policy regarding Recreational Travel

(Effective: Fall 2007)

Recreational programming has been defined as programs that do not provide an academic credit or a community integration (service learning) component. These programs are identified as travel intended for the enjoyment of the participant.

Recreational travel arranged independently by UWL faculty or staff may be coordinated by the faculty/staff member as an individual, not as employees of UWL.

UW-La Crosse, in compliance with UW System, will not support programs that do not contain educational value.  Students and staff participating in these non-sponsored programs do so at their own risk.