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Study Abroad-Phonetics and Education in Spain
Universitas Castellae, Valladolid


The Department of Modern Languages requires

SPA 303 and SPA 304

be taken at UW-L prior to studying abroad.

A student pursuing a major or a minor in Spanish at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse may earn up to 66% of the credit hours for the major/minor requirement in a foreign country.  Thirty-four percent (34%) of the credit hours must be earned at UW-L.  The student is required to take at least one three-credit course in Spanish at UW-L after returning from the country of study. 

The Universitas Castellae is a specialized center dedicated to the study of Spanish language and Hispanic culture for foreign students.  The educational program for international students features a selection of courses including advanced language, literature, art, history, culture, and sociology studies.  The courses are developed and modified according to the students' abilities to ensure advancement in critical thinking and maturity of expression.

Valladolid is located approximately two and a half hours northwest of Madrid. The city, rich in artistic and historic heritage, is ideally suited as a center for studying the language and culture of Spain. Valladolid is known as the area where the purest "Castellano" form of Spanish is spoken. Historically, the city has played an important role since the years of struggle for the unification of the peninsula under one ruling family.  An agricultural and industrial center of about 400,000 inhabitants, the city is located on the Castilian "meseta," or central plain.  The annual international film festival attracts participation from all over the world. Rail and bus connections place Valladolid within three hours of Madrid and within easy access of other important cities including Burgos, Leon, Salamanca, Zamora and Segovia.


This program is designed specifically with Spanish education majors in mind!  For the first three weeks, participants will be enrolled in SPA 331 (Phonetics) taught by UW-La Crosse Professor Jean Hindson.  Students will also engage in a practical experience by visiting Spanish classrooms and working with students.  There will also be a required conversation component to improve language proficiency as much as possible.  Following a one week break during which students are encouraged to travel to other parts of Spain, participants will return to Valladolid and join the traditional six week program.  This experience will complete the required immersion for Spanish language education certification.

Traditional 6-Week Program

Beginner and Intermediate Levels
Students who are in the initial stages of their study of the Spanish language will focus on the following three subjects:

  • Spanish Language (2 hours daily)
  • Hispanic Culture (1 hour daily)
  • Conversation (1 hour daily)

Advanced and Superior Level
Designed for students who have substantial command of the Spanish language, this level allows the student to choose the subjects he/she is most interested in, completing up to four daily hours of classroom instruction.

  • Spanish Language and Composition (2 hours daily)
  • Spanish Business (1 hour daily)
  • Spanish Literature (1 hour daily)
  • Hispanic American Literature (1 hour daily)
  • History of Spain (1 hour daily)
  • Art History (1 hour daily)
  • Conversation (1 hour daily)
  • Hispanic Culture (1 hour daily)
  • Spanish Phonetics (1 hour daily)

Click here for the course equivalencies.

A Modern Languages Advisor for the Valladolid program has been identified:





Valladolid, Spain


311B GMH

The course equivalencies spreadsheets have been compiled from past approved Academic Plan forms.  They show when the course was last approved and how it transferred back to La Crosse.  You may notice that some classes satisfied several UWL options.

This list is not comprehensive nor does it take the place of meeting with your advisor for final approval!  They are meant to be a guide of what courses may be appropriate for your studies abroad.

Housing is in double rooms with families and is carefully chosen by Universitas Castellae to ensure complete immersion in the Spanish language, its culture and its traditional social environment.  A residential dormitory option is offered upon request.

Before you travel abroad; you will need to obtain a passport, which will serve as proof of your U.S. citizenship. A passport may allow you to gain entry to (and exit from) other countries. Depending on the country to which you're traveling, a visa may be required as well. Entry requirements vary from one country to another. The U.S. State Department issues travel warnings specific to certain countries, and offers tips and publications relevant to travel abroad generally. Well in advance of your departure, you should also familiarize yourself with international travel health issues, and health recommendations specific to your destination.

The program fee includes the following:

  • Tuition (9 credits)
  • University and Administrative Fees
  • Housing and Meals
  • Ground Transportation from Madrid to Valladolid upon arrival
  • Cultural Activities and Excursions (as arranged per course)
  • Study Abroad Health Insurance (mandated by UW System)
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Study Abroad Graduation Sash

Airfare is not included in the program fee.

Financial aid is applicable.
Refer to
Program Fees for the most current program fee.

All program fees subject to change. Valid for undergraduate Wisconsin residents only; out-of-state students pay Minnesota reciprocity or a non-resident surcharge.

Program Dates
For precise dates refer to the Program Dates.


  • 2.5 minimum GPA
  • The desire to experience the world and receive academic credit for doing it!

All students will be required to attend a pre-departure orientation. The orientation will help you prepare for international travel in general, and for the experience of visiting Spain.

Tips and Advice from Program Alumni

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