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Students complete nearly all required clinical rotations at Gundersen and Mayo sites. These sites include many rural sites in the Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa area, as well as sites in the major medical centers in Rochester and La Crosse.  The program assigns students to clinical sites after getting input from students regarding their geographic interests for the clinical phase.  All students do their family medicine rotation(s) at rural sites outside of La Crosse and Rochester. 

Though some clinical sites are able to provide housing to students at their facility, the program does not require sites to provide housing.  Ultimately, securing housing during the clinical phase is the student's responsibility.  Students are able to secure housing through contacts with previous students at the site, their own personal connections and the program's index of clinical housing opportunities.

In the MS PAS program each student is required to complete a total of 44 weeks of clinical rotations, which can include up to 8 weeks of elective rotations in disciplines and at sites of their choosing.  Some students choose to do elective rotations at international locations, some pursue experiences in medical specialties not in the required curriculum, while others select electives with practices in which they are considering employment.  Thus, students have a great deal of flexibility and choice in selecting their electives.

The following presentation provides a summary of the clinical year experience - Clinical Rotation Presentation

Additional information about Gundersen and Mayo Clinic specialties and practice sites can be found at the following websites:

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Please be aware that a felony charge may affect your ability to obtain fieldwork placements and/or sit for the board examination.