One of our main goals for this event is education about Lung Cancer, its causes, and prevention.  We will be having many poster topics about Lung Cancer, as follows:

     1. The Basics of Lung Cancer:  Information and Statistics

     2. Causes of Lung Cancer, including, Cigarettes, Second and Third-Hand Smoke, Asbestos, Environmental Pollution and on-the-job Exposure.

     3.  Racial and Gender Disparities

     4. Low Funding Levels for Lung Cancer

     5. Racial Risk Disparities associated with Lung Cancer
     6. Influence of the Tobacco Lobby 

     7. Stigma of Lung Cancer


Lung cancer is known as the "invisible disease" of all cancers.  Here are some statistics that you may not have known about Lung Cancer:

     1.  Despite major advances in the field of Medical Oncology, lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. among both men and women.

     2. There were 161,840 deaths due to Lung Cancer in 2008, accounting for more than 25% of all cancer deaths.

     3. Lung Cancer accounts for more deaths than Breast, Prostate, Colorectal, Liver and Ovarian cancers COMBINED.

     4. The five year survival rate for Lung Cancer is much lower than that of others:

             ~Breast Cancer 5 year survival rate: 89%

             ~Prostate Cancer 5 year survival rate: 99%

             ~Lung Cancer 5 year survival rate: 16%

     5. Smoking is a major cause of Lung Cancer due to cigarettes containing 60+ carcinogens.  HOWEVER, last year (2008) 50,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer who had never smoked in their lives.  Other causes include: asbestos, radon, environment, 2nd and 3rd hand smoke, etc.

     6. Despite the horrifying facts, only 5% of all government funding for cancer research is given for Lung Cancer research.

     7. Many people are diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer because there are few signs and symptoms associated with the early stages of Lung Cancer.  Those diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer have a 5 year survival rate of less than 1%.


Types of Lung Cancer

     1. Squamos Cell Lung Carcinoma*

     2. Adenocarcinoma*

     3. Large Cell Carcinoma

     4. Adenosquamous Carcinoma

     5. Carcinomas with Pleomorphic, Sarcomatiod, or Sarcomatous elements

     6. Carcinoid Tumor

     7. Carcinomas of Salivary Gland Type

     8. Unclassified Carcinoma

         *Squamos Cell Lung Carcinoma (SCLC) and Adenocarcinoma account for the most frequently diagnosed forms of Lung Cancer, accounting for 31% and 28% of all Lung Cancers, respectively.


Helpful Links About Lung Cancer

     ~Center for Disease Control (CDC) 

     ~Gundersen Lutheran Lung & Breathing Disorders 

     ~Gundersen Lutheran Lung Cancer Research

     ~Lung Cancer Alliance

     ~Lung Cancer Online 

     ~Mayo Clinic


     ~National Cancer Institution




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