Promotion Resources

Candidates interested in going up for promotion should consider the following materials:

  1. Review UW-L promotion guidelines: The most current promotion guidelines and additional information regarding promotion are available from the HR promotion resources webpage.

    Candidates are best served by thoroughly reviewing the guidelines prior to creating their portfolios. Current guidelines include instructions for an electronic portfolio.

  2. Learn about e-portfolios. Documentation regarding the use of electronic portfolios is available at

  3. Example Portfolios. Examples of successful promotion files are available at

  4. Tips from JPC members. The tips at this link have been gleaned from multiple information sessions over the past several semesters.

  5. Review the teaching effectiveness measures worksheet that Joint Promotion Committee members use to review promotion files. The worksheet reflects a spectrum of potential evidence rather than a list of required activities.

  6. Attend an information session. Every spring the Provost’s Office hosts information sessions with members of JPC on hand to answer questions. The Joint Promotion Committee schedule, including the information session dates, can be found at the HR promotion resources webpage.

  7. Write about teaching. Materials regarding writing syllabi with learning outcomes, assessment reports, and teaching philosophies.