Provost's Digest - August 2009

Welcome to the 2009-2010 Academic Year!
As we celebrate our 100th year, we can be proud of our rich history and our current strengths. Despite recently facing some of the most challenging fiscal years since we began in 1909, we are moving forward! The academic building is progressing and the new stadium is complete. We are welcoming a new dean of the College of Liberal Studies, a new interim dean of the College of Science and Health and a new interim director of Continuing Education and Extension. In addition, we are pleased to welcome many new faculty and staff all across campus.

As we begin this exciting new academic year, there are several events that you might find beneficial. The first is the Chancellor's All-University Address and Picnic. The university address will provide important information, while the picnic will allow all of us to reconnect with colleagues and friends and to meet new members of our community. This year's Conference on Teaching and Learning also provides an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues. For a full list of campus events during the first two weeks of the academic year, please visit the first and second week calendar.

In preparation for the upcoming year, you may also find the following links useful:

  • Provost Newsfeed We have added a new feature to the provost's home page. At the bottom of the page you will find a "Correspondence from the Office of the Provost" newsfeed with links to emails recently sent to campus from the provost.
  • Academic Calendar The official UW-L academic calendar.
  • Administrative Calendar A calendar of administrative deadlines for deans, directors and chairs.
  • Administrative Directory A listing of campus administrative staff directories.

New Location and New Staff for Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning
Efforts to develop a full-fledged Center for Advancing Teach and Learning (CATL) as outlined in the proposal passed by Faculty Senate on February 19, 2009 progressed over the summer. We identified a physical space for CATL: the center's new location is 160 Wing Technology Center. We also completed the staffing plan, with the exception of the Assessment Coordinator, as outlined in the proposal. Staff members are listed below along with a brief description of their roles:

  • Bill Cerbin, CATL Director, works with instructors on assessment, understanding student learning, classroom research, teaching grants, lesson study, and UW System faculty development programs.
  • Deb Hoskins, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator, works with instructors and campus groups to infuse multicultural content into the curriculum, to create inclusive, challenging, innovative learning environments that help all students to excel, and to improve critical thinking and problem-solving in all students by engaging diversity.
  • Kristin Koepke is an Instructional Designer who assists instructors in course design and review, integration of creative and active learning techniques, and incorporating appropriate technologies into teaching.
  • Bryan Kopp, Writing Programs Coordinator, helps instructors to improve the quality of student writing and student learning through writing, and coordinates the writing emphasis and writing in the major programs.   
  • Brian Udermann, Director of Online Education, provides resources and support to instructors interested in developing online courses and programs.   

CATL supports improvement of teaching and student learning at UW-L. The center sponsors workshops, colloquia, discussion sessions, grant projects, and individual consultation for UW-L instructors. For additional information visit the CATL website or contact CATL staff members.

Please join us in congratulating the below members of our community on their promotion, tenure or career progression:

Faculty Promoted to Associate Professor

  • Betty V. De Boer, Psychology
  • Thomas M. Greiner, Health Professions
  • Jennifer J. Kosiak, Mathematics
  • Aric M. Opdahl, Chemistry
  • Sheryl T. Ross, Philosophy

Faculty Promoted to Professor

  • Joseph K. Anderson, Theatre Arts
  • Tracie L. Blumentritt, Psychology
  • Cambid J. Choy, Art
  • Enilda A. Delgado, Sociology/Archaelogy
  • Sandra K. Grunwald, Chemistry
  • Thomas J. Hench, Management
  • Rebecca L. LeDocq, Mathematics
  • Kristofer R. Rolfhus, Chemistry
  • Karen K. Terpstra, Art
  • Brian E. Udermann, Exercise and Sport Science

Faculty Tenured

  • Galadriel Chilton, Library
  • Michael D. Current, Library
  • Shauna M. Sallmen, Physics

Instructional Academic Staff Progressed

  • Lisa Caya, Psychology
  • Ressano Desouza-Machado, Chemistry
  • Barbara Gander, Education Studies
  • Elizabeth Holloway, ESL Institute
  • Erin Hussey, Health Professions
  • Sandra Koster, Chemistry
  • Patrick Randolph, ESL Institute
  • Susan Schuyler, Communication Studies
  • Michelle Thorman, Health Professions

School of Education, and Graduate Studies/Research & Sponsored Programs Move
The Office of the School of Education and the Office of Field Experience are moving to 145 Graff Main Hall. The following individuals will be located there starting in mid-August: Director of School of Education, Cindy Duley (Interim Director of Field Experience), Robert Ratigan (Interim Assistant Director of Field Experience), Joey La Sarge (University Services Associate II), Laurie Magnuseen (Office Associate) and Xiong Vang (Student Recruitment Advisor).

The Offices of Graduate Studies and Research & Sponsored Programs are moving to 220 Morris Hall. Starting in mid-August, V.J. Agarwal (Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs), Chandra Hawkins (Program Assistant Advanced Confidential) and Mike Kennedy (University Services Associate II) can be found there.

Professional Development Deadlines
As you start the academic year, please keep in mind the following professional development opportunities: