Provost's Digest - August 2011  

In This Issue:

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Academic Year!
The start of a new year brings change and exciting opportunities for students, staff and faculty. Despite the political and economic challenges around us, we continue to rely on the strengths of our campus community to uphold and deliver our critical mission: to offer all students a challenging, dynamic, and diverse learning environment.  With one of the largest incoming classes in UW-L’s history, all of our combined skills, creativity and professionalism will be needed to deliver high-quality undergraduate, graduate and community-based programs.

As we begin this new academic year, there are many events that you might find interesting and valuable.  The 13th Annual UW-L Conference on Teaching and Learning (CATL) will be held Friday, September 2 beginning at 8:30 in Valhalla of Cartwright Center.  For a full list of campus events during the first two weeks of the academic year, please visit the university online calendars.  We invite you to subscribe to the UW-L calendars for additional important academic and administrative dates for the entire academic year.

We welcome new Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Studies, Julia Johnson and Robert Hoar as the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.  In addition, we are pleased to welcome many new faculty and staff all across campus.

Academic Affairs Retreat

Leaders from across Academic Affairs and the university met on August 9th for a planning retreat.  The morning session was devoted to important programming and staffing updates.  The Provost requested input on a possible reorganization within Academic Affairs related to the Associate Vice Chancellor position (formerly held by Dr. VJ Agarwal) in order to improve support to various units.  The task force committees, established as a result of last year’s retreat, provided status updates and shared future goals.

The afternoon session was spent brainstorming ideas on how to increase and improve summer and winter sessions and offerings to better serve students.  Ideas were also enthusiastically shared on how to utilize and incorporate planning initiatives between University Centers, Continuing Education, and The School of Education.  In addition, staff from the Financial Aid office outlined enrollment guidelines for summer financial aid.


Grant and Professional Development Deadlines

Please review the grant and professional development opportunities listed at  On this page you will find all the updated information you need for application submissions including deadlines, applications, instructions and contact information.  There may be earlier deadlines to your department chair, dean or division head to obtain approval signatures or letters of support. Please see the specific grant pages for additional information including specific deadline times. This page is a critical resource page so please add this page to your favorites.

On the Move

Several departments from Academic Affairs have moved to Centennial Hall.  These include:
Office of International Education
Environmental Studies
Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
Career Services and Academic Advising
·         Communication Studies

 Provost Office Staff Updates

There have been a number of changes in staffing in the Provost’s Office this year, several due to the appointment of Bob Hoar to the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor position. Following is a brief description of individuals’ duties. Please feel free to contact anyone in the Provost’s Office if you need help and you will be directed to the right person!

·         Lisa Severson provides administrative support to the Provost and institutional research offices.  Lisa schedules the Provost's   calendar.

·         Debra Hoeth performs the duties related to budget and accounting, coordinates responses to UW System Administration requests, and provides administrative support for the provost and institutional research offices.

·         Kimberly Vogt will now support the processes involving promotion and retention and other personnel matters for Academic Affairs, which would include questions about the type of content that should be added to Digital Measures.  If you need technical assistance with Digital Measures please contact Cari Mathwig Ramseier in Academic Technology Services.

·         Sandy Grunwald is the new System Liason/Academic Planner relating to new programs and existing academic program review.

·         Brian Udermann will oversee a number of internal grants programs, set and distribute the Dean’s and Provost’s Council agendas, and help manage a variety of projects in the Provost’s Office. 

·         Keith Beyer is reviewing and recommending improvements to the processes related to many internal grant programs.

·         Marv Noltze is the analyst for Institutional Research.

·         Scott Cooper, Emily Jacobson and Paul Fitts perform the activities associated with Undergraduate Research and Creativity and Fellowship/Scholarship opportunities for students.



Please join us in congratulating the following members of our campus community on their promotion, tenure or career progression:

Faculty Promoted to Associate Professor

·         Barbara Bennie, Mathematics
Futaba Fujie, Mathematics
Gregory J Sandland, Biology
Davide Secchi, Management
Eric A Strauss, Biology
Sherwin G Toribio, Mathematics
Janet E Kirsch, Chemistry
Casey T  Tobin, Psychology
Glenn Wright, Exercise And Sport  Science
Kyung Hoon Yang, Information Systems

 Faculty Promoted to Professor
Bradley J Butterfield, English
Margaret Cherne, Theatre Arts
Timothy Gongaware, Sociology &  Archaeology
Marcie Wycoff-Horn,  Health Education & Health Promotion

 Faculty Tenured

  • Walter E Elder, Theatre Arts
  • Robert H Haworth, Educational  Studies
  • Janet Kirsch, Chemistry
  • Meredith Ann Thomsen, Biology
  • Casey T  Tobin, Psychology

    Gary L Willhite, Educational Studies
  • Kyung Hoon Yang, Information Systems
  • Julia Johnson, Associate Dean of the  College of Liberal Studies has tenure with the rank of Associate Professor in  Communication Studies Department

Instructional Academic Staff Progression

  • FayEllis, Biology
  • GailGillis, Management
  • BruceGustafson, Chemistry
  • NishelleLenards, Health Professions
  • JanetWeir, Communication Studies


Resignations and Retirements

Academic Affairs will feel the notable impact this fall of the numerous resignations and retirements which occurred this past year.  Please join us in congratulating and thanking the following individuals for their contributions and dedication to UW-L, whether it was for a single year or 40 years of service.  We wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Academic Affairs:

  • Bridget Adams, Student Services Coordinator, Financial Aid
  • Susan Hughes, Associate Outreach Specialist, ME-PD
  • Cynthia Scarpa, Student Services Coordinator, Office of International Education
  • Melissa Semingson, Student Services Coordinator, Financial Aid
  • Michele Strange, Senior Academic Librarian, Library
  • Mary Baldwin, Library Services Adv/Lead, Murphy Library
  • Karyn Cecele, University Exec Staff Assistant, Provost Office
  • Nancy Jones, UW Program Specialist, Records and Registration
  • Robert  Kramer, University Services Associate 2, Career Services & Academic Advising Center
  • Sharyn Lehrke, University Services Program Associate, Records and Registration
  • Janice Ruesch, Library Services Adv/Lead, Murphy Library
  • Galadriel Chilton, Associate Professor, Library Department
  • Cristine Prucha, Associate Professor, Library
  • Vijendra Agarwal, Associate Vice Chancellor, Graduate Studies

College of Business Administration:

  • Dianne Morrison, Senior Lecturer, Finance
  • Kathryn Birkeland, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Davide Secchi, Associate Professor, Management
  • Keith Sherony, Professor, Economics

College of Science and Health:

  • Keith Burand, Lecturer, Computer Science
  • George Arimond, Professor, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation
  • Mark Headington, Professor, Computer Science
  • Richard Pein, Assistant Professor, Exercise & Sport Science
  • Gwyneth Straker, Assistant Professor, Health Professions

 College of Liberal Studies:

  • Mary Johnson, Academic Department Associate, Sociology/Archaelogy
  • Rosalyn Baumgarten, Academic Department Associate, Political Science & Public Administration
  • Susan Bartlett, Associate Lecturer, Communication Studies
  • Thomas Reinert, Senior Lecturer, Communication Studies
  • Paul Rusterholz, Visiting Assistant Professor, Music
  • Amy Sullivan, Outreach Program Manager I, Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Andrew Tucker, Lecturer, Music
  • Charlene Sauer, Academic Department Associate, Modern Languages
  • Kathleen Schultz, Academic Department Associate, History
  • Dung Ngo, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Mary Pearson, Assistant Professor, Educational Studies
  • Jac Bulk, Professor, Sociology/Archaelogy
  • Richard Gappa, Professor, English
  • Albert Gedicks, Professor, Sociology and Archaelogy
  • Sandra Krajewski, Professor, Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Richard Pinnell, Professor, Music
  • Donald Socha, Associate Professor, Modern Languages
  • Dean Stroud, Professor, Modern Languages
  • Robert Freeman, Associate Professor, Political Science & Public Administration
  • Carla Graham, Associate Professor, English
  • Donald Kuderer, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages

 Human Resources Acknowledged

We would like to take this opportunity thank all members of UW-L’s Office of Human Resources.  Since May 1, they have processed 44 resignations and retirements for Academic Affairs while also welcoming new faculty and staff and establishing Search and Screen committees for numerous pending searches.  This was accomplished while also addressing the continued challenges associated with the new HRS system, and the many changes taking place due to new legislation.  Kudos to all of you!  We appreciate your support during these busy and challenging times.