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February 2006

Administrative Searches

The three administrative searches are progressing nicely.  The Dean of SAH search* (chaired by Bob Hoar, Mathematics) had a closing date of December 30, 2005 with 32 applicants.  The committee expects to have candidates on campus right after Spring Break.  The Dean of Student Development and Academic Services** (chaired by Karla Stanek, Career Services) closed January 9, 2006 with 31 applicants.   They hope to have candidates on campus by the end of February.  The Director of School of Education search*** (chaired by Joyce Shanks, Education Studies) hopes to bring candidates to campus in March and currently has 17 applicants.

Out-of-State Tuition to be Lowered

At the most recent Board of Regents meeting, the regents voted to cut non-resident tuition starting this fall by approximately $2,000 at the comprehensive campuses such as UW-L.  The cuts will need to be affirmed again in June when all tuition rates are set. Since 2000, non-resident tuition has increased from $10,122 to $14,323, on average, at the comprehensive campuses.  More complete information is available at

UW System’s Undergraduate Transfer Policy Helpful for Summer School Advising

Faculty and staff who work with transfer students may wish to review the Undergraduate Transfer Policy developed by UW System available at This policy strives to assure that students transferring between UW System institutions, as well as those transferring from other institutions into the UW System, are treated fairly when changing colleges. Among its provisions are policies stating that a General Education requirement at one University of Wisconsin institution be honored at the transfer institution and that the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree (AAS) granted by the UW Colleges meets the institution-wide General Education requirements of a University of Wisconsin Bachelor’s degree (requirements found in all undergraduate degrees offered by the institution). 

Information geared for two-year college students is available at  In addition, all students can use the “transfer wizard” which allows students to see how individual classes and courses transfer to every UW campus.  This latter tool is also helpful if you have students from other UW campuses taking your J-term or summer courses and want to check out if they will transfer.  As a reminder, it is always safer for students to have any courses at other campuses pre-approved before completing the course.

*Dean of Science and Health S&S Committee: Chris Bakkum, Peggy Denton, Anne Galbraith, Bob Hoar, Jim Jorstad, Aaron Monte, Gubbi Sudhakaran, Cyndi Taylor, Brian Udermann, Tim Walls, and Kelli Zelinger. 

**Dean of Students S&S Committee: Joe Baker, Ruthann Benson, Ashley Burrows, Beth Erickson, Jeannie Hanley, Emily Johnson, Jennifer Kosiak, Bud Miyamoto, Joe Moreland, June Reinert, Larry Ringgenberg, Karla Stanek, and Marge Troka.

***Director School of Education S&S Committee: Ahmed Ali, Don Campbell, Sandra Keller, Ryan Kockler, Ray Martinez, Soojin Ritterling, Bob Seaquist, Joyce Shanks, Teri Staloch, Kathie Tyser, and Jodi Vandenberg-Daves.

This newsletter is provided in the spirit of on-going communication. It is for informational purposes only and does not represent official policy statements or administrative positions.