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November 2005

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Just a reminder that the Provost’s Office is acutely aware of how past budget cuts have made everyone work harder with fewer people and fewer resources. Your efforts are appreciated! Every day, there are examples of how UW–L manages to maintain its focus on teaching and learning and its positive profile…despite the considerable cuts. Congratulations go to all of you for your fine work in making this happen.  

As we work our way through this next set of cuts, I hope we are successful in maintaining a very transparent process. The Joint Planning and Budget Committee has held listening sessions and is formulating some recommendations. The committee’s recommendations will be carefully considered.Your input, as always, is encouraged and welcomed:  

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No Internal E-mail Day – November 30, 2005

Feeling the information overload? Wonder why there is still a phone in your office? Offices next to each other in your building? While email is an extraordinarily convenient way to communicate with individuals and groups (witness this digest!), it can occassionally be overwhelming. Provost Hitch invites you to join her, the deans, directors, and division heads in a voluntary e-mail free day on November 30, 2005 .  Exceptions to this “No Internal Email Day” include essential emails, emails to students, and emails to people outside UWL. Otherwise, faculty and staff are invited to step back into an email-free past for just one day and rediscover other modes of interaction and face-to-face communication!

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Administrative Searches

Three administrative searches are set for the coming year.  The Dean of SAH search* is being chaired by Bob Hoar (Mathematics) and has a closing date of December 30, 2005.  The Dean of Student Development and Academic Services** is being chaired by Karla Stanek (Career Services) with a closing date of January 9, 2006.  The Director of School of Education search*** is being chaired by Joyce Shanks (Education Studies) and is likely to adopt a rolling date with a date by which the committee will start reading files.

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General Education

The General Education Committee (GEC) is considering the recommendations of the Design Team.  The entire campus community has been invited to provide feedback on the recommendations. A GEC vote on the recommendations is likely to be held in mid-December with Faculty Senate receiving GEC recommendations in early Spring. Please visit to view the report. 

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Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

As many of you are aware, the question of SPSS licensure is under consideration for UWL as the costs for the program have increased substantially this year. It is clear from faculty concerns that a statistical program is needed and that SPSS is overwhelmingly the preferred program for teaching and scholarship. John Tillman (Information Technology) is looking into workable solutions with an ad-hoc committee.

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Provost's Office Staff - Research and Fund Requests

In October, the hard-working staff of the Provost’s Office processed over 40 IRB proposals, 36 undergraduate research grants, 12 international development fund requests, and 19 faculty research grants.  Special thanks to Laurel Devitt and Fran Temp.

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Academic Advising Center (AAC)

A reminder that the AAC was primarily developed to help undecided students. Students who have declared a major are always welcome to stop by the AAC with questions and concerns, but the AAC staff refers specific questions about majors, minors, and academic issues to the faculty advisers in the academic programs and departments. Since July 2005, the ACC has been involved with 1011 one-on-one advising appointments.

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Financial Aid and the UW System

Sixty-one percent of UW System students receive financial aid, 50% of students borrowed from a student loan program, 63% of all undergraduates who graduate have loan debt – average of $17,250.  At UWL, 63% of all students received financial aid in 2003-2004 and 58% borrowed from a student loan program.  More at

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*Dean of Science and Health S&S Committee: Chris Bakkum, Peggy Denton, Anne Galbraith, Bob Hoar, Jim Jorstad, Aaron Monte, Gubbi Sudhakaran, Cyndi Taylor, Brian Udermann, Tim Walls, and Kelli Zelinger . 

**Dean of Students S&S Committee: Joe Baker, Ruthann Benson, Ashley Burrows, Beth Erickson, Jeannie Hanley, Emily Johnson, Jennifer Kosiak, Bud Miyamoto, Joe Moreland, June Reinert, Larry Ringgenberg, Karla Stanek, and Marge Troka.

***Director School of Education S&S Committee: Ahmed Ali, Don Campbell, Sandra Keller, Ryan Kockler, Ray Martinez, Soojin Ritterling, Bob Seaquist, Joyce Shanks, Teri Staloch, Kathie Tyser, and Jodi Vandenberg-Daves.

This newsletter is provided in the spirit of on-going communication. It is for informational purposes only and does not represent official policy statements or administrative positions.