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Summer 2005

New Faculty Intern in the Provost’s Office

Dean Stroud, the current faculty intern in the Provost’s Office, has been serving as faculty intern for two years. He will complete his duties on June 30 and return to the Modern Languages Department in the fall. His insights, hard work, and friendly smiles will be missed.

Betsy Morgan will begin her duties as faculty intern on July 1. Betsy will work with academic program review, assist the Joint Promotion Committee in its work, serve as a director for summer school, provide UW System with data on academic programs, and complete many other “duties as assigned.” She brings great talent and insight to the position. She has provided leadership across the university as an active member of a number of committees, including the Sloan project which examines work/life issues in academia and the Joint Promotion Committee. She has been chair of psychology for seven years and reports that she is ready for new challenges.  

Budget Cut Reorganization Update


The staff from the advising center will be playing a larger role in summer registration and has also created a more systematic way to provide services to transfer students sooner in their careers. Students can now sign up for freshman registration day on-line.


At its June meeting, the Board of Regents passed a resolution to eliminate the College of Education, Exercise Science, Health and Recreation (EESHR). Bruce Riley, Chair of the Faculty Senate, spoke against the resolution, requesting time for an ad hoc committee of the faculty senate to study the effects of elimination more thoroughly. While the Board did act on the resolution, the provost has pledged to carefully consider the report of the ad hoc committee as the university works to respond to significant state budget cuts.


Internationalization Update


The Provost’s Council discussed the Internationalization of UW-L report and commended its quality. Further discussion will ensue. One exciting opportunity is the development of a regional Fulbright committee.


Provost Hitch visited Dalkeith House in Scotland along with Jay Lokken, Director of International Education; Matt Lewis, Campus Planning; and System attorney Pat Brady. They met with personnel in Scotland and discussed the extent of immersion available from the program, facility improvements, and a new lease for the house.


Provost Hitch joined Dean Nelson at Lancaster University in England during the same trip. Lancaster has an active undergraduate research program and is interested in both faculty and student exchanges with UW-L in terms of both teaching and research.


Summer Sessions Update


The Provost’s Council discussed the recommendations from the Short-Term Study Group that addressed “short-term” courses (J-term and summer courses). The goal is to increase the number of students taking short term courses from within the university and from outside the university. Betsy Morgan will coordinate summer school efforts through her role as faculty intern. The committee’s work was commended.

System Provosts Discuss Website for Student Anonymous Harassment Complaints

The Provost participates bimonthly in a teleconference with other system provosts. One item from the last meeting focused on a student proposal to develop a website to post anonymous harassment complaints.

Americorp*VISTA Grant Renewed

Americorp*VISTA grant has been renewed for the coming year. The grant funds a full-time Vista worker on campus who works with UW-L faculty to increase service-learning opportunities for students. LeeAnn Fatura, our current VISTA worker, will remain at UW-L for the second year of the grant. LeeAnn will be working with Emily Johnson, General Education Director, to create a stronger connection between the general education program and service learning. Please feel free to contact LeeAnn for information on how service-learning might enhance your classes.

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