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Summer 2006

Administrative changes during the summer

There will be several changes in administrative assignments and location at UW-L in the beginning of July.

The International Conference on Rivers and Civilization: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Major River Basins

As announced in several other venues, UW-L will host a major international conference on rivers June 25-28.  More information is available at

Summer School

Student enrollment is generally improving this summer from last summer; although not at target.  This positive change is due, in part, to several innovative programs. The College of Liberal Studies initiated several “hybrid” courses this summer during the first session where students are completing two weeks of the course on-site, and the remain two weeks via on-line activities. In addition, a theatre appreciation course is being offered in a hybrid mode to incoming freshmen who will complete part of the course on-line prior to arriving for a one-week stay in the residence halls culminating in freshmen registration. Finally, HPR 105 is being taught entirely on-line this summer. 


The new electronic system for faculty activity reports was launched this past month. Faculty using the system have indicated that it is easy to learn and user-friendly. Betsy Morgan ( is fielding comments and questions regarding the system and is especially interested in data fields that faculty would like to have added that are not part of the software currently. All the College of Science and Health departments are using the program for their annual reports this year and all annual reports, retention materials, and promotion materials will be electronic by summer 2007. The portal to the program is an easy link off the faculty/staff webpage

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