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The following is a list of LGBTIQQAA-friendly faculty, staff, or administration at UW-L that have agreed to have their contact information listed to be a resource to students. These people can be someone in a department that students can feel safe talking to or a possible mentor.

Do you Identify as an Ally? What is an Ally?


Jorge Aguilar-Sánchez


Assistant Professor of Spanish
Graff Main Hall 329 A
(608) 785-8312

“I am the Coordinator of the Spanish Lower-level courses in the Modern Languages Department. As a gay man, I understand the challenges WE face in our society. Please come and see me if you ever need a friendly ear and/or a caring mentor.”


Marty Allen

Computer Science Department
210 Wing Technology Center

"I'm a professor of Computer Science, and I consider myself an ally. I'm always willing to speak with students about any topic at all, academic or otherwise. Everyone should be heard."

Robert F. Allen



Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
1011 Cowley Hall

"Hello. I am an out gay faculty member in the mathematics department. I am available to talk about math, college life, or anything else you would like to discuss (and yes! I do enjoy talking about things other than math). My door is always open, so please come by. You can always email me if you would like... I am never more than 5 feet away from my email. I hope to get to know you while you are here at UW-L."

Donna M. Anderson, Ph.D.

339 D Wimberly Hall

"Hello! I teach economics and welcome your visit, call or e-mail.  I look forward to meeting you. Thanks!"

Nizam Arain

Picture of Nizam Arain

Director of Affirmative Action
131 Graff Main Hall

"I serve in several roles at UW-L, but one role that is very important to me is to serve as an ally and advocate for anyone who feels oppressed, marginalized, or excluded from the campus community. My door is always open to you."

Karry Auby

Academic Department Associate
 Mathematics Department
1021 Cowley Hall

"I've been in the Math Department for over 30 years and was born and raised in La Crosse.  If I can ever be of assistance, feel free to contact me."

Karolyn N. Bald

Senior Student Services Coordinator
Career Services
1140 Centennial Hall

"Welcome. I am a career advisor in Career Services. I am here to help you find resources or support you in any way either professionally and personally. There is never a dull moment in my office (ok, well sometimes) but feel free to stop by and chat. I would love to meet you!"

William Barillas

Department of English
425 N Wimberly Hall

“As an ally, I want students to know that my classroom and my office are safe spaces.”

Francie Biesanz


Counseling and Testing Center
2106 Centennial Hall

"As a counselor at the Counseling and Testing Center, I work with students on a wide variety of personal issues and concerns.  I am an ally of the  LGBTIQQAA community and want students to know that my office is a safe and confidential space to talk and explore.  Stop in or call (608-785-8073) to make an appointment.

Alex Brown

University Centers
Fraternity & Sorority Community and Student Association
212 Cartwright Center

"Welcome to UW-L! I have the pleasure of serving as the Fraternity and Sorority Life and Student Association Adviser here on campus. I spend a lot of time in my role working with students discussing the importance of living our values and creating a sense of community. You are an important part of that community! I’m always willing to talk, and I love to listen. If there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!"

Deborah Buffton

403H Wimberly Hall

"I am a history professor and am willing to help with advising and course selection or students can simply stop by to talk."

Sara Burton

Sara Burton

Head Soccer Coach, Lecturer, Community Health Specialist
159 Mitchell Hall

"Welcome to UW-L!  I enjoy working with students on campus through athletics, academics, and the Wellness Resource Center.  I truly value an inclusive and safe community.  I am happy to actively assist you with any challenge you face.  Please stop by my office or contact me via e-mail any time."

Beth Cherne

Beth Cherne

350 Center for the Arts

"I am an out bisexual professor in theater."

Laurie Cooper Stoll

Laurie Cooper Stoll

Assistant Professor Sociology and Archaeology Department 

"As an ally on campus, you will find me either teaching classes on race, class, gender and sexuality; conducting research on social inequalities; or engaged in issues of diversity and inclusion on campus. My office door is always open to you!"

Tara DeLong

Tara DeLong

Associate Lecturer , Therapeutic Recreation
2041 Health Science Center

"I'm a full time lecturer in Therapeutic Recreation, and welcome an opportunity to meet with students who are seeking support, validation, and assistance with navigating the challenges of being LGBTQQA.  Look me up, stop by my office, and we'll connect about what is important and meaningful for you."  

Elise Denlinger

Elise Denlinger

Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Department of Modern Languages
4308 Centennial Hall

"I would be happy to talk about anything you like!"

Amelia Dittman

Asst. to the Dean for the College of Business Administration
138 Wimberly Hall

"I'm happy to talk about anything, and I do have expertise in the business academic programs here. and the academic policies and standards with which students may sometimes have concerns."

Sara Docan-Morgan, PhD

Communication Studies Department
4229 Centennial Hall

"My office is a safe space to talk about LGBTQ issues. Feel free to stop by or make an appointment. I'm happy to do my part to help make this campus more equitable and just for all."

Deborah Dougherty

Deborah Dougherty

Associate Clinical Professor
Occupational Therapy-Psychology Dual Degree Coordinator
Office: 4039 Health Science Center
Phone: 608-785-5062

Chris Dziekan

1006 Eagle Hall

"I am an Assistant Director in the Office of Residence Life and the New Student Orientation Coordinator for the campus. As a member of the GLBTQ community, I am here as a resource and someone who wants everyone to feel comfortable and safe at UW-L. Feel free to drop me an e-mail or stop by my office if you have any questions, need help, or just want to talk. Thanks!"

Natalie Eschenbaum


Assistant Professor of English
431C Carl Wimberly Hall

“My classrooms and my office are safe places to be GLBTQ and to talk about anything GLBTQ related.  Please call or email to set up a time to chat, or just drop in if my door is open!”


Matt Evenson

Matt Evenson

Program and Administrative Coordinator
Research and Resource Center for Campus Climate
1125 Centennial Hall

"Hello!  I work in the Campus Climate office which actively works to provide an inclusive environment for all.  Please do not hesitate to stop by, say hello, or shoot me an e-mail!  My door is always open!"


Amanda Filtz



Hall Director, Eagle Maroon Hall
122 Eagle Hall

“As the Hall Director who coordinates our Social Justice Living Learning Community that resides in Eagle Hall, please know that I am an advocate and an ally for whatever your experience has been and will be on this campus.”

Lisa Giddings, Ph.D.

Department of Economics
403X Wimberly Hall

"I am an associate professor of economics, and an out lesbian woman. I am willing to talk, help you find a major, or help you find what you need for classes. Drop by anytime."



Criss Gilbert


Counseling and Testing Center
2106 Centennial Hall
(608) 785-8074

"I'm the new Testing Coordinator and Office Manager in Counseling & Testing.  As an out gay man, I am delighted to be on such a GLBT friendly campus.  Please know you are always welcome to stop by and talk about queer issues, testing, or life in general. My door is always open."


Joe Gow

Joe Gow


135 Graff Main Hall

“I’m delighted to be a LGBTIQQAA-friendly administrator.”

Amanda Goodenough


The Research & Resource Center for Campus Climate
1120 Centennial Hall
608.785.5092; 608.785.5093

“As part of UW-L’s Campus Climate staff, we work to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all members of our campus community. Please feel free to stop by the Campus Climate Office… a safe space and home for dialogue.”


Josh Hertel

Josh Hertel

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics 
1001 Cowley Hall

"Hello, I'm an assistant professor in the mathematics department and an ally. I am always happy to talk with students about anything academic or otherwise. I have a variety of interests outside of mathematics including board gaming, linux, music, and science fiction (to name a few). If you need a person to chat with, my door is always open."

Andrea "Drea" Higgins

University Centers- Campus Activities Board Adivsor
University of Wisconsin La Crosse
1725 State Street

Hey all!  I'm Drea, I've been at UW-L for a while now and I hope you can find folks to connect with, and call this home.  I am here with a smile, a listening ear, candy, or whatever else you might need so pop on in, my door is always open and I usually here into strange hours of the day and night!

Jean Hindson, Ph.D.


Department of Modern Languages
311 D Graff Main Hall

Welcome to UW-L!  I am an Associate Professor of Spanish with lots of teaching experience at all levels of Spanish and I work with future teachers in all languages, as well.  I believer passionately in the importance of accepting and valuing people for who they are.  My door is always open."

Christine Hippert, PhD, MPH


Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology and Archaeology
437 C Wimberly Hall

"As a cultural anthropologist, I've conducted extended fieldwork in Latin America, especially Bolivia.  I teach courses on contemporary Latin America and the Andes, the Anthropology of food, medical anthropology, and international development.  Please feel free to stop by and talk to me about anything cultural -- especially international research and travel."

Charlene Holler


Counseling and Testing Center
2106 Centennial Hall

"My name is Charlene Holler and my title is Academic Specialist. My office is in the Counseling and Testing Center, 170 Morris Hall. I provide tips on any and all aspects of learning skills, including time management, note taking strategies, textbook reading methods, test preparation, and test taking skills. I also have speed reading and memory workshops, and a weekly article in the Connection. I welcome you to stop by to see if there is any way I can make your studying more effective and your use of time more efficient."

Deb Hoskins, Ph.D.

Deb Hoskins


Chair Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning

4302 Centennial Hall & 161A Wing


"I am an out faculty member; I teach courses on women, race, class and sexual orientation, including a Lesbian Studies course.  Happy to talk to you about most anything.  Send me an email and we can set up a time." 


Dena Huisman, Ph.D.

Communication Studies Department

4214 Centennial Hall


“I am happy to be of help to anyone who needs a friendly face or ear to help them adjust to university life and think through issues of sexual identity. I teach courses on interpersonal communication, family communication, and gender communication. In all of them I try to include issues of communication and sexuality to make campus and the world a little more understanding and equitable for everyone. Stop in or email any time.” 

Mahruq Khan

Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

4310 Centennial Hall


"I am actively invested in making UW-L a truly inclusive institution. My research focuses on religious queer individuals and religious feminists. Most of the courses that I teach focus on the diversity of our racial, gendered, and sexual experiences, including the new course: Intro. to LGBT Studies. My classroom and office are a safe space for any issue that you'd like to discuss or investigate. I am an ally, so please feel free to contact me anytime."

Edward Kim

Edward kim

Assistant Professor 
Department of Mathematics
1018 Cowley Hall

"My classroom is a space of mutual respect, tolerance, and an appreciation for diversity. If you're looking for an ally who will listen to you without judgment, whether you want to discuss academics or personal life (or how the two often interact), my office is always open. I want each person to celebrate their entire identity!"


Tisha King-Heiden


Assistant Professor of Biology
3028 Cowley Hall

 "I am here if you need to talk!  Serious, or fun stuff!  I teach human anatomy & physiology and comparative endocrinology, and do research involving reproductive toxicology and physiology.  I enjoy doing outdoor things like hiking, kayaking, and camping.  My door is generally open, so feel free to stop by and talk.”


Janet E. Kirsch, Ph.D.



Associate Professor of Chemistry

4025 Cowley Hall



“I am a professor in the Chemistry Department at UW-L.  I'm also a committed LGBTIQQA Ally and a good listener.  Please feel free to send me an email or stop by my office in 4025 Cowley if you are looking for help and/or someone to talk to.”



Paula M. Knudson



Dean of Students

149 Graff Main Hall



"I am more than pleased to serve as your Dean of Students.  My hope for

our campus is that we have a safe, friendly, inclusive community.  If I

can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me."


Aaron Koepke

Aaron Koepke



Student Life Specialist

Office of Student Life

149 Graff Main Hall



“I am proud to be an ally on campus.  Stop by if you need door is always open.”


Jennifer Kosiak


Mathematics Associate Professor

1004 Cowley Hall



“Greetings!  I am a faculty member in the Mathematics Department and also an active member of the School of Education. My office door is always open for students, staff, and faculty members. Please come by for a visit!”


Rebecca L. LeDocq

Rebecca LeDocq


Professor Mathematics Department  

 1025 Cowley Hall

(608) 785-6615

"I have been in the Mathematics Department for over 20 years. Students are the reason I am here, and I am happy to offer advising, help with other aspects of campus life, or just to listen. My door is open."

Angie Lee

Angie Lee


CARE Coordinator
Student Life Office
Rm. 149 Graff Main Hall

"I would be more than happy to lend an ear anytime. Be who you are. Better yet, be proud of who you are!"


Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis


Assistant Professor, Therapeutic Recreation

Stephen Lewis
2046 Health Science Center

"I'm an Assistant Professor in Therapeutic Recreation, and hope to do what I can to help make UWL an inclusive space where you can thrive as a student and feel comfortable to 'live out loud'. I'm happy to meet at the HSC or anywhere on campus, and I'm very comfortable discussing issues related to sexual and/or gender identity, body positivity, or anything else you want to talk about."





Víctor M. Macías-González


Professor of History and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Director, Eagle Mentoring Program 
403J Wimberly Hall (T & Th mornings), Wednesdays by appointment

"I have been at UW-L since 2000 and have been involved in campus LGBTQ issues. I'd be happy to mentor LGBTQ students and allies in senior theses, capstone course projects, mentoring, and/or undergraduate research projects. My research focuses on nineteenth-century elite Mexican masculinity, homosocial spaces and practices, consumption, and homosexual cultures. I teach courses in Latin American, Mexican, and U.S. Latina/o history, including the new "HIS 360: History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America." My husband and I are bibliophiles, enjoy period films, documentaries, cooking, and travel."


Stephen Mann, Ph.D.

Stephen Mann

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
English Department
425M Wimberly Hall
 (608) 785-6923

"I am an LGBTQ academic in both senses, i.e., I am gay-identified and my research is LGBTQ focused. I study attitudes that people hold toward gay male ways of speaking American English (either actual or stereotyped). And I have taught courses in language & gender and homophobia & sexism in language."


Tesia T. Marshik, Ph.D.



Assistant Professor, Psychology Department
341B Graff Main Hall
(608) 785-8625

"I'm a faculty member in the Psychology Department. I just wanted to show my support and applaud the University for their efforts to make campus a safe and welcoming place for everyone. I'm an ally so please feel free to contact me any time."


Betsy L. Morgan, Ph.D.


Chair and Professor Psychology 
335 A Graff Main Hall
"Psychology happily embraces the beauty that is the diversity of human experience."



Heidi Morrison



Assistant Professor of History

403 C Wimberly Hall
608 785 8345

"I am happy to be your friend and ally!   Please feel free to drop a line anytime or give a ring.  Beauty is in diversity."


Elizabeth Mullen-Houser

Counseling and Testing Center & Psychology Department

2106 Centennial Hall


"Please feel free to contact me with any questions about climate at UWL, every student is important and deserves to have a fulfilling, exciting time at UW-L!"


Mic Nauman

Mic Nauman


Student Support Services

2131 Centennial Hall


"Hi! Welcome to UW-L!! I am an Advisor in Student Support Services in Centennial Hall. My door is always open and I value being in an environment that is safe, supportive, inclusive and welcoming. I'm happy to lend an ear, provide support and help connect you to resources. Please don't hesitate to contact me!"

Dr. Nick Nicklaus



Director of Residence Life

Eagle Hall
1500 La Crosse Street

"As the director of residence life and graduate faculty member, I am willing to discuss your transitions issues to UW-L and any issues relative to on-campus living.  Due to my heavy schedule it is best if you call to set up an appointment."



John Palmer


Student Life Office

149 Graff Main Hall




“ I just want you to know if you ever need anything I am always willing to help in any way I can.”


Ingrid Peterson

Ingrid Peterson 


 Violence Prevention Advocate and Educator
149 Graff Main Hall
608.785.5126 or
"Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.  The C.L.O.V.E.R. Violence Prevention Office assists  UW-L students, faculty and/or staff who experience any of these forms of interpersonal violence—please contact us!  We are also available to do educational presentations."



Lynette Prieur Lo



Student Support Services (SSS)

2131 Centennial Hall


"Hi! Welcome to UW-L!! I'm one of the academic advisors in Student Support Services in 109 Wilder Hall.  I value a safe, welcoming, and equitable campus for all students, faculty, and staff.  Stop by and chat sometime! All the best!! :)"


Jaralee Richter 

Jaralee Richter

 212 Cartwright Center

"I am the full-time advisor to the Campus Activities Board.  I am here to listen to your feedback regarding events that occur on campus, ideas you may have for future events, and most importantly, I will listen to any personal concerns you may have."



 Troy Richter 

Troy Richter

Assistant Director Operations
Office of Residence Life
Eagle Hall
1500 La Crosse Street

"Welcome to UWL!  I have worked on both the student affairs and academic sides of campus, which allows me to understand how the two fit together. My background includes serving as co-chair of the Eagle Equity committee, supervising the Diversity Resource Center, and teaching a cool diversity course called “Understanding Human Differences”.    Let me know if I can help…seriously!!!" 


Bruce Riley

 Bruce Riley


Professor and Chair of Mathematics Department
 Dean - College of Science and Health
105 Graff Main Hall

"I have been a member of the Mathematics Department for over twenty years and I have advised mathematics majors and 'undecided students' during my entire tenure at UW-La Crosse.  I am always available to meet with students to discuss mathematics and other (academic or non-academic) issues."




Joshua Rybaski

Joshua Rybaski


Campus Visit Coordinator/Vangaurd Advisor
Admissions Office, Cleary Center

"I am the Communication Coordinator/Vanguard Advisor in the UW-La Crosse Admissions Office.  A bulk of my work is related to meet families interested in UW-La Crosse and organizing campus visits with the Vanguards (Campus Tour Guides).  I am always excited to meet new faces and share my passion about UW-La Crosse.  If you are ever visiting campus or a current member of campus stop by and we can chat it up!"


Laura Scholz


Transfer Admissions Counselor
Cleary Center
"I'm an Admissions Counselor here at UW-L, working mainly with out-of-state students.  If you ever want to chat, feel free to stop by, I love visitors!"





Corey Sjoquist


Admissions Director
Cleary Center

"Working with students is what I enjoy the most in my role at UW-La Crosse.  If you have questions or concerns, know that you are welcome to contact me."



Michael Slevin

Michael Slevin


Student Services Coordinator
223 Cartwright Center

"I have enjoyed my experiences serving as an ally on the educational panels here at UW-L.  Every student is important, and nobody should be marginalized for who they are!"


Barbara Stewart

Barbara Stewart


Associate Dean of Campus Climate and Diversity

1131 Centennial Hall


“As Associate Dean for Campus Climate and Diversity, I would love to have the opportunity to assist you with your academic or personal concerns.  Please stop by and visit soon!”


Teri Talpe

Teri Talpe

Academic Engagement & Curriculum Librarian
277 Murphy Library

"I like to translate my library title as "diversity librarian" reaching out to under-represented student populations on campus.  Come and see me anytime or contact me about anything you want to talk about -- especially anything library related.  We're here for you!"


Darci Thoune

Picture of Dr. Darci Thoune



Assistant Professor of English

425M Carl Wimberly Hall


"I am an out queer and more than happy to meet with you for a chat (especially about all things queer and writing related). Feel free to drop by or email me to make an appointment!"

Yevgeniya Turov, Ph.D.

Yevgeniya Turov

Associate Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
4005 Cowley Hall
"I am an ally and available to talk to students who need a safe space or a friendly face."



Willem (Will) Van Roosenbeek

Will Van Roosenbeek


Director, Pride Center
1121 Centennial Hall/42 Cartwright Center

"Welcome! I am the Director of the Pride Center and Advisor to Rainbow Unity and my persona gender pronouns are he/him.  I identify as a trans man and pansexual.  If you have concerns, problems, or just want to talk my door is always open.  I am here to serve whether it is advocating for your needs, helping you find the right resources, or supporting you in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.  My hope is that you will feel welcomed, supported, and heard while at UW-L.  Once again, welcome!"

Chad N. Vidden

Chad Vidden
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
1009 Cowley Hall

 " Everyone should feel like they belong to our campus community, both inside and outside the classroom. If you ever need anything, I will help in any way that I can."




Kimberly A. Vogt, Ph.D.


Chair & Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology and Archaeology 
435A Wimberly Hall
La Crosse, WI 54601-3005

 "I am Chair of the Department of Sociology and Archaeology and coordinator of the Criminal Justice minor at UW-L. I am an out lesbian professor, previous chair of the faculty/staff Eagle Equity committee and previous advisor to UW-L’s GLBT student group. I teach courses in criminology, delinquency, sociology of deviance and criminal justice. I am happy to talk with you about careers in the social sciences and UW-L."

Jennifer Wang

Assistant Professor in Psychology
341-A Graff Main Hall

"I'm an Assistant Professor in Psychology and I'm committed to being an ally. Feel free to email me or stop by my office if you ever need to chat."

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